Confessions of a Watchaholic

My name is Dave, and I am a Watchaholic.

There’s no evidence of when my fascination with timekeeping devices started or what its significance actually means. And the collection above only begins to scratch the surface–I do have more. Oh yes, I have more.

It Continues…


It’s Back!

Months ago they got rid of our toaster much to my dismay. This is what I witnessed this morning. I am happy again!

This Makes Me Happy

Why does the image to the left make me so darned happy?

Here’s why.

Over a month or so ago, I got a call from a prospective employer that saw my resume online. She told me that I was qualified for the position of Associate Web Editor/Writer for this startup site called, a division of Head over there to see what it’s about.

I jumped at the chance to write again for a living. I requested some time off from work to attend the interview and talked to this person many times on the cell phone. But in the end I just couldn’t commit to the job for several reasons.

First, the commute from Long Beach to Industry would have been hellish. While only a few miles further than the distance to my current employer, I’d be driving the 605 and 60 freeways every day–no train. Strike one.

Second, I have an SUV. It would guzzle a good 4 gallons of gas per day. Strike two.

Thirdly, after sitting down and crunching the numbers, the difference in pay would have been a whopping $14 a day. I would be burning that much in gas each day, and dealing with the lovely L.A. area traffic to boot. Sure there were performance bonuses and whatnot, but it just didn’t balance out.

So why does seeing this small ad in their newsletter make me smile?

It means that I wasn’t the only one that thought what they had to offer was sufficient enough, and now they have to solicit contributions from their community. And even at a time when my current job is pretty much ready to pack up and head east, I think I made the right decision to turn them down.

Maybe I’ll submit at article to them. For free.

I Got My Pink Slip

Well, it finally happened. And it came in the mail.

Yep, I got my pink slip. And I’m actually pretty happy about it. This means I’m now officially the registered owner of my 2006 Ford Explorer. No more lienholder; no more payments. It’s mine I tell you, MINE!

And in case you didn’t notice, I made a new banner for ye olde blog. Along with a change in the WordPress template, it kind of gives the old place a fresh new look. I’m going to try and create a new one each week with one of my photos, either old or new, and the date and location (if relevant) will always be part of the deal. I already have a template saved in Photoshop for the banners so it’ll take no time to make them.

So I hope you dig ’em.

Moving Day

It’s never a good sign when your company’s bigwigs are lurking about the office.

Case in point: today. Our department was called into a meeting and informed that, as part of the company’s restructuring process, we were going to be merging with the Marketing Department. As a result, we were to vacate our current workstations and relocate to those closer to Marketing.

This means that my spiffy window cube is history as of tomorrow. I’d say I’m saddened by that but I’m actually not–it was getting a bit too warm over there for my liking, even with my fan running.

What I am saddened about is the fact that each step of this process, which I’ll refer to from this point on as “Project: 2010,*” just brings us one step closer to our location’s eventual demise. While they say we have until 2010 at our current locale, I’m guessing it’s going to be more like one year. In fact, they just let one of our guys go last week.

So tommorow we move and we get pizza for lunch. My dictionaries and everything else are all packed in that box you see in the picture above.

But I think I’ll leave my personal pictures at home.

*See this post for more details