20th Reunion, Part Deux

Hey, I forgot to mention my high school’s 20th reunion was on Saturday! Wanna see some pictures from the event?

Well, you can’t. And here’s why.

I didn’t take any. Well, it was more like I didn’t go. Okay, let’s break it down even further and say I had no interest in going, even if it was moved to dry land as opposed to being on a cruise to Ensenada.

I could list a million reasons why I chose not to go but the main one is that basically, I was a dullard in high school. I wasn’t a member of any clubs, wasn’t an athlete, not a brainiac nor was I notorious troublemaker. In fact I was only in detention once and I served 30 minutes instead of the 15 that I was sentenced, so the way I see it, they owe me.

No, I skimmed through high school anonymously with only a few close friends–none of them made it to the reunion either–and liked it that way. I can only imagine how much fun being in a ballroom full of people I knew only from a distance would have been. Jesus, they would have probably thought I was one of the waiters.

And after looking through the pictures posted on the high school’s (ugh) MySpace page, I think there was only one person there that would have known me by name. Is that what’s most important? No, and I do give credit to the organizers for sticking with it from start to finish, and who are attempting to organize a 25th reunion already.

But man, stuff like this just ain’t my bag. So go ahead and call me a wallflower when it comes to social events such as this. I guarantee I won’t be offended by it.

Tears For Fears Live in OC

Gah, what a horrible phone-cam shot!

See better ones here. They aren’t bad considering where we were seated.

Good show! But it’s late and I’m tired. Goodnight 🙂

Re-post of Old Favorite

That was the temperature at 10:30 this morning after The Kid and I left Lowe’s, where he built–it was mostly me–a toolbox.

The temperature continued to rise as we sat in the car and I turned on the air conditioning.

And that’s when I noticed a dog in a parked Ford Escape. But to be fair, the back windows were halfway down so I’m sure he was fine.

Okay, the sarcasm’s off now.

As I sat and watched that dog slowly suffer I immediately thought of a post I wrote nearly two years to the day. So at the risk of running a repeat, I’d like to reiterate my disgust and overall disdain for dog owners who insist on tormenting their animals in this manner.

If you haven’t read it yet, please see “People Suck,” originally posted on July 24, 2005. My feelings have not changed.

Changing gears now. The burnt-orange carpet in the living room is gone! We started this project a few weeks ago and now have a decent-looking hardwood floor in the living room and hallway. Larger pieces of furniture still have carpet underneath since, well, they are rather bulky and aren’t moving any time soon. And I have to say…I’ll never know why people decades ago thought covering their pristine hardwood floors with burnt-orange carpeting was a great idea. My God, the place looks cleaner, bigger and more inviting already, and will be even easier to clean than ever before. Go figure.

In addition to getting the carpet ripped from its bowels, the hallway got a complete makeover with a new paint scheme, track lighting, and moulding. And you know what? It looks good, damn good.

Next: Ripping out the carpeting in the bedrooms. But that can definitely wait. Home improvements never end, let me tell you.

In the Tiki Room

UPDATED 7/22/07 @ 5:30 pm

The Family Moreno packed up the car and headed off to Disneyland today. And for a summer Sunday, the crowd really wasn’t that bad.

Then again, we did get there at 7:20 am. Ahem.

Ordinarily, the thought of waking up at 6 am on a Sunday to do anything–I can already hear you churchies praying for my heathen soul–wouldn’t set well with me. But today we had a definite reason to do so.

The family had breakfast with as many Disney characters that the Plaza Inn on Main Street could handle. And it was worth every penny–a breakfast buffet, all sorts of characters, and an all-out pleasant experience were enjoyed by all. Crowds were reasonably small which was a big surprise to all of us.

It Continues Here!

Snagged: Audi R8 in U.S.

I was traveling east on Rosecrans Avenue in El Segundo, CA yesterday when two rows of ultra-bright LEDs appeared in my rearview. They appeared to be just below the headlights of a really flat, awesome-sounding car. (The only other car whose engine drone has made me drool was a Lotus Esprit, but this was really close.)

I’d never seen such a configuration before so I grabbed my phone-cam and waited for it to pass.

It turned out to be an Audi R8, the German carmaker’s first mid-engine entry, which is set to sell at over $100k in the U.S.

At any rate, here you go. Note the Euro plates beneath the CA dealer plates.

Audi R8

I cropped in on this shot since I didn’t have my camera that day. Figures, doesn’t it?