In the Tiki Room

UPDATED 7/22/07 @ 5:30 pm

The Family Moreno packed up the car and headed off to Disneyland today. And for a summer Sunday, the crowd really wasn’t that bad.

Then again, we did get there at 7:20 am. Ahem.

Ordinarily, the thought of waking up at 6 am on a Sunday to do anything–I can already hear you churchies praying for my heathen soul–wouldn’t set well with me. But today we had a definite reason to do so.

The family had breakfast with as many Disney characters that the Plaza Inn on Main Street could handle. And it was worth every penny–a breakfast buffet, all sorts of characters, and an all-out pleasant experience were enjoyed by all. Crowds were reasonably small which was a big surprise to all of us.

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