Riding Autopia!

Me and The Kid risk the lives of fellow Autopia drivers by posing for a cell-photograph. UDPATED 8-26-07  We once again got there at opening to avoid the crowds. It was a long day since we woke up at 6am (!). That aside, a good time was had by all. Some highlights from today... Haunted … Continue reading Riding Autopia!


Toyota: Moving…Backward?

You may have seen billboards for the 2008 Toyota Highlander that highlight the fact that Toyota’s second-smallest SUV offers a backup camera for those who are too lazy to use its mirrors and, honestly, who really shouldn’t be driving an SUV in the first place. The billboards are catchy: an isometric-angle rear view of the … Continue reading Toyota: Moving…Backward?

Toughest. Job. Ever.

This one might just pull a heartstring or two. For it was a few days ago when The Kid's beloved rat Percy, or PercyMouse as he called her, slipped the surly bonds of Earth to touch the face of...GodRat. Yes, she was only an eight-dollar pet but she was his favorite in this house filled … Continue reading Toughest. Job. Ever.

Starting Over

A recent visit to my doctor--well, the doctor in place of my vacationing regular doctor--woke me up to something that I've known all along. Despite losing 20 lbs. since my last visit, I'm overweight. Really overweight. Not exactly mou-mou-and-fat-guy-hat overweight but still enough to wake my ass up and whip myself into shape. It's what … Continue reading Starting Over

As Seen at the Grocery Store

A bunch of Loozas.