Who the Hell Are They?

Being that I've got a profile on Classmates, I occasionally get e-mail alerts for any kind of activity relating to my registered schools. In fact, I got one the other day telling me that So-and-so signed up: "David, Remember So-And-So? They just signed up at Classmates.com! Click here to re-connect with them!" Yes, I do … Continue reading Who the Hell Are They?


More Than a Box Set

I've had a slew of gift cards and certificates in my possession from Christmas and my birthday that, for the life of me, I couldn't find the urge to spend. I would walk around GameStop like a penniless and dateless high-schooler on a Friday night ogling the shelves just searching for something, anything to take … Continue reading More Than a Box Set

How to Piss People Off

If there's anything I've learned in my 4+ years of blogging, it's that you won't always make everybody happy. To add to that, there are a few topics in which people lose their effing minds over. The first subject is Steve Perry. Apparently some people are so obsessed with all things Steve Perry that just … Continue reading How to Piss People Off

Told You So

You may recall a post I wrote a few months ago about Honda's ASIMO robot demonstration at Disneyland, and my impending fear that those mechanical marvels would soon take over the world--or at least cause harm to the human race, despite being designed to help us. Here's a quick quote from said post: "Now just … Continue reading Told You So

Then and Now

Here's one just for fun since I don't have much else tonight. And I apologize to those of you on Facebook who have already seen them. But anyway, here I am in 2006 and on my birthday a few days ago. Notice a difference? That's right---The Kid is a lot older!