How to Piss People Off

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my 4+ years of blogging, it’s that you won’t always make everybody happy. To add to that, there are a few topics in which people lose their effing minds over.

The first subject is Steve Perry. Apparently some people are so obsessed with all things Steve Perry that just adding the name Steve Perry to an entry, or Steve Perry as a tag, or Steve Perry as anything will almost guarantee more blog hits as “pictures of steve perry wiping his ass with corn husks” continues to be a top search result.

Okay, maybe it’s more like “steve perry 2008 pictures” but still…

The other hot-button topic is “In Memory Of…” stickers. Nearly a year after I wrote the damn post, people continue to leave comments and not surprisingly, many of them are negative with the commentators all having one thing in common: calling me cold, judgmental, or a prick–or a nifty combination of all three.

No, seriously! I speak my mind about one topic and damn, they come out of the woodwork! So much so that Ann stepped up to the plate today and left a comment of her own in response to all the women that were up in arms over my opinion.

In so doing, Ann picked up on something I hadn’t: based on the commentators’ names (since I’m such a judgmental prick and whatnot), all those calling me names were female. Those that agreed with me were male. Interesting.

It got to a point where I was considering closing the Comments section for that post but nah, that’s missing the whole point of a blog, whether the post touches a nerve or not. I will continue to defend myself on the matter and if you don’t like it, you’ll lose more sleep over it than I will.

This is the new media where the opinions of everybody matter, so the Comments section will continue to remain open. And besides, pissing people off over something so trivial is too much fun!


10 thoughts on “How to Piss People Off

  1. I always thought those were a way for the driver to say, “My loved one died and so I got this car with the life insurance money.”


    1. Dunno about that. Most of the cars I’ve seen them on are beat-up buckets being held together with spit and glue.

      When you see one on a Lexus or Mercedes, let me know.


    1. I think they were like the old-style White Sox stirrups with red and white rings at the top. For some reason, he was carrying a chimp. And his shirt said “Frankie Says Relax.”


  2. I like Tonys opinion. Isn’t that what I basically said while on my soap box?
    I have my plywood ready for my roof for the whole world to feel sorry for me (rolls eyes). Whatever!

    Soapbox still smokin’.


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