The Mobile Page

See that new Mobile page tab at the top? I've added that as a kind of Welcome page for whomever happens to scan the QR code you see on this post. What I did was make said QR code my profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, etc. so whenever I post a comment somewhere and someone clicks … Continue reading The Mobile Page

Who the Hell Are They?

Being that I've got a profile on Classmates, I occasionally get e-mail alerts for any kind of activity relating to my registered schools. In fact, I got one the other day telling me that So-and-so signed up: "David, Remember So-And-So? They just signed up at! Click here to re-connect with them!" Yes, I do … Continue reading Who the Hell Are They?

Questions 67 & 68

Okay, people, let's walk about the (southern California) weather. Just last week it was 90° and I was in the driveway wearing nothing but a Speedo shorts, a t-shirt and flip-flops while washing my car. We even went out and bought Anthony a new Slip-and-Slide knock-off so he could enjoy sloshing around in the water … Continue reading Questions 67 & 68

Seriously, WTF?

I was killing some time during lunch today and came across They've got this function on the site that allows you to upload your picture, have it analyzed, and then compare the features of your face to a handful of celebrities. So I decided to give it a go. And the results may shock … Continue reading Seriously, WTF?

Well, That Was Quick…

Sabbatical? Well, I had to share this. A Flickr member contacted me about a month ago regarding the use of one of my photos on their Web site. I told them it was fine; they said I'd be notified if they chose to use my image. I got a response today and, lo and behold, … Continue reading Well, That Was Quick…