“In Memory Of” Stickers

*grabs megaphone and steps up to the blog*

*a click, some static and feedback*

Attention, anybody who has one of those “In Memory Of…” decals on your vehicle.

Nobody cares. Seriously, nobody cares less than a complete stranger that chances are you will never pass on the street ever again. Your vehicular sentiment serves no purpose other than to draw attention to yourself and make people want to give you a great, big hug.

Well, it’s not working for me. I’m sure readers of my blog are already tired of hearing about how I lost my father when I was 7 years old, but I don’t go driving around with one of those pointless stickers on the back of my truck. My father’s legacy lives within me, not a thin piece of die-cut vinyl. And chances are he wouldn’t want that crap on my truck anyhow.

And I’m so sorry to disappoint, but if I had the gall to affix one of those damned stickers for each person I’ve lost in my life I wouldn’t be able to see through the rear window of my truck. Think about that, Junior Mint.

So here’s what you do. You pick up and you move on and you don’t turn your car into a rolling memorial to your loved one. Life is for the living so there’s no sense in placing the grim reminder of somebody’s passing on your car. It’ll only fuck with your mind.

And if you’re the Roadside Memorial type, you can knock that shit off, too. It’s just ridiculous.

Save your sentiments for the cemetery because, well, that’s where they need to be.

The world will thank you for it. Or at least I will.

*feedback and a click*

*steps away from the blog*

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14 thoughts on ““In Memory Of” Stickers

  1. OMG..

    well said.

    Its so trashy and tasteless. At least where I am here in the mid-south US, its an good indication of the bearers socio-economic class. The names are always stuff like “Billy Bob Bubba-Joe Jackson” and the cars are often ill-maintained. So silly, so pointless, so tacky.

    Honor your loved one by not making him look like a member of a redneck white trash family please.


  2. Thanks. I calls ’em like I sees ’em.

    Perhaps the only difference between your geographic location and mine is the name on the sticker. In my case (southern California), they are usually of Spanish origin and some teenager. Probably someone’s dead homie that was shot down in a drug deal, and the name is usually accompanied by a Raiders logo. Or Betty Boop, Tweety Bird or the Tasmanian Devil.

    In either case, I stand by my words 🙂


  3. You two are judgmental pricks. It is not for you to decide how others should grieve their losses. Mind your own business as to what others do with their property.


  4. Wow, what a cold, judgmental person you are. Must be a miserable person who attacks people who have a heart. I think you’re the one whose little nerve was hit. I have always seen those stickers and figured in that car was a hurting, grieving person and that’s their way to remember their loved one. Perhaps you have never grieved yourself for the loss of your father, maybe you have, but you did it in your way. Why be so hard on someone who does it with a simple decal. It’s a nice thought, you should try a nice thought, will make you a happy person.


  5. Your opinion. You’re welcome to it. And I stand by my remarks.

    I dealt with my father’s passing my own way: I got over it even if it still hurts today. But even at 7, I knew Dad wasn’t coming back.

    I don’t have tattoos, I don’t have a sticker, I don’t have much to remember my father by. But for what it’s worth I have my life, the one that he chose to create. Therefore his memory lives in me, not in a sticker designed to tell the world, “Look, I lost someone!”

    Life’s for the living. Some people need to let go and move on already.

    Also, I do have a heart and I’m not miserable. In fact, after losing nearly 100 lbs., I’d wager I’m even more happy than you. But this here is what is called a “rant,” not a mirror image of my everyday persona. That’s what blogs are for.


  6. Grieving a loved one is supposed to be a personal affair. In my opinion by applying these types of decals, it denigrates the person being remembered, and makes their passing sound like some fad. Most of the people being “featured” on those windows if they are looking down are probably shaking their heads in disapproval.


  7. You are an inconsiderate prick and to young to know what a great man your father was. When such an awesome person passes away it feels as if the world should stop for them. Not for the people that lost them. I recenly lost someone extremely close to me. In the process I inherited his truck. I want everyone in the world to know what a great person he was and that he will forever be missed. The only way anybody will ever know my brother from here on out is from memomories that my family and I share with others. One of the ways to share him with others is by putting decal on his truck. This way when anybody sees it and asks I can tell them of all the wonderful things he did and the perfect, funny, intelligent, imaginative, sincere, and loving person he was. I loved to brag about what an awesome person he was when he was alive and I will continue to do so now that he’s gone.


    1. My father gave me life. He served our country and defended your right to post your opinion here. He loved his sons. He died way too young.

      That’s pretty much all you or anybody outside my family needs to know. But thanks for calling me a prick. I’m sure Dad’s getting a kick out of that.


  8. Sounds like the only ones with a problem with the sticker thing are women. And being a woman, all those stickers are tacky to me. Sounds like they have emotional problems to me and need to have everyone feel sorry for them and to them I say get a freakin’ life.

    Sounds like Jen had a nerve hit as well. And she needs a life if she’s reading a blog.

    And to Little Miss “Wow, what a cold, judgmental person you are. Must be a miserable person who attacks people who have a heart.” Let’s see…being married to him for 15 years, I can say he is the most loving man on earth. I want to see you find a man that holds a door open, holds your chair and actually doesn’t beat his wife!

    “You are an inconsiderate prick and to young to know what a great man your father was.” Who’s callin’ who a prick? Did you know his father? NO! I recently lost someone to a major heart attack at the age of 35 so BITEME! You don’t see me plastering my window with crap saying “BLAH BLAH BLAH.” Sounds to me like you just want to brag that you got a new truck! Well, I got a house so should I put a big old sign on the roof that says “In Memory Of” ????

    ***Steps off soap box****

    P.S. Going to Home Depot for wood for my “In Memory Of” sign for my roof.


    1. Wifey steps up to the plate and here’s the pitch.

      A swing and a high fly ball, hit deeeeeeep into center field! That ball is waaaaaaaaaay back and it’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!

      Good observation, Ann. I didn’t even notice that.

      See, this is called standing by your man. I hope you all calling me a prick know how to do that, but somehow I don’t think you can if you’re here venting your frustrations over this. Maybe your hubby/boyfriend/baby-daddy feels the same way I do and is tired of listening to your whining? Hey, if I’m a judgmental prick I might as well go out on a limb, right?

      Oh, and I stand by Wifey, too.

      And you people got off way too easy. You haven’t seen Wifey on a bad day.


  9. Wow, well said Dave and Ann! As another woman who despises those “In Loving Memory of” stickers, I applaud you.

    Anyone who has truly suffered a loss (as I also have, so shut up you judgemental sticker people) knows that you don’t honor their memory by putting a cheap decal on your car. It always strikes me like they’re bragging, “Hey y’all. I know somebody who DIED!!!”


  10. Thanks for the comment, Junebug!

    A friend of mine wrote in another post that those stickers are almost bragging about the car they bought with the insurance money. I said that if he ever really looked at the cars with said stickers, aka run-down jalopies and not luxury cars, he’d have a different opinion 🙂


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