How to Piss People Off

If there's anything I've learned in my 4+ years of blogging, it's that you won't always make everybody happy. To add to that, there are a few topics in which people lose their effing minds over. The first subject is Steve Perry. Apparently some people are so obsessed with all things Steve Perry that just … Continue reading How to Piss People Off

Top 10 Posts for the Year

Since 2008 is about to go bye-bye, I thought I'd entertain you with a list of the year's Top 10 Posts here on Holographic Meatloaf according to my host, WordPress. They tally that sort of stuff.   The total number of hits follows the post, and please note that these numbers were as of the … Continue reading Top 10 Posts for the Year


Just the other day I was doing my usual perusal of search terms that people have used to find my blog. I find it fun and informative as it lets me know just how many fucked-up people there are in this world, even more fucked-up than myself. I have, however, noticed a pattern. Without fail, … Continue reading ZOMG!!! STEVE PERRY!!!11!1

The Steve Perry Post

...has been deleted. I'm sure there are mirrors of it somewhere but meh, whatever. Turns out most people--mostly message board members--were really up and arms about it and calling me a liar so hey, whatever, there you go. Aside from this post, the only other place you'll find his name on this blog are here … Continue reading The Steve Perry Post

Google Search Terms for My Blog

Even if I don't plan to write a post or have comments awaiting moderation, I often login to WordPress to check out my blog stats. Part of the fun is checking to see which terms people searched for in Google, which ultimately lead them to my blog. There are the usual "normal" queries mixed in … Continue reading Google Search Terms for My Blog