Return of the Hack

After that little hiatus I think it’s time to return to whatever it is I do here, hence the “hack” moniker. So let’s get to the reason I chose to take some time off, okay? Okay.

In my last post, I had mentioned that I wanted to concentrate on doing some screenwriting. As was the case the last time I took time off from blogging, I got nothing done. But ah, I did do some research of sorts because we signed up for NetFlix and had a free preview weekend for some cable movie stations. I watched the following in part or whole:

  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, a fairly amusing little movie in which two straight guys pretend to be a gay couple in order to get health benefits.
  • Baby Mama was so incredibly dreadful that it wasn’t worth watching in its entirety even for free.
  • Paul Blart, Mall Cop was everything I expected it to be–silly and cartoonish, but funny.
  • Superbad, which was just as its title implies.

Meh, it’s a start. And I realized that by not blogging, which is my main form of expression/writing these days, I definitely wasn’t helping my cause. I was itching to write stuff from the day I chose to walk away for a bit and have some posts in the works.

Speaking of writing, I think that after all these years I finally found my voice. A blogger named Harna has left a few comments on some of my posts and when I went over to read her blog, I really enjoyed the cut of her jib: it’s irreverent, in-your-face, and sometimes profane–but always entertaining. It’s earned a spot in my Google Reader for those exact reasons, and has inspired me to let loose even more. You’ll see in the next (edgier) post.

I also did some stuff behind the scenes here at ye olde blogge. For one, I added the Gamer Stuff page which contains my gamer information for Xbox and Wii. Not a big improvement but it’s something.

The second thing I did was change the template only because I needed something else. As usual, it may subject to change at any moment so don’t get too used to the new look.

I’m also growing a goatee and will blog about that later.

And I finally got an e-mail address with my domain which can be seen in the Contact section. I couldn’t do it for the longest time because Google Apps had some kind of fucked-up procedure that never worked with WordPress, but apparently that has been fixed and I’m now the proud owner of an address with my domain. And it’s about freaking time.

It’s good to be back. New posts coming soon!

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4 thoughts on “Return of the Hack

  1. Welcome back, Kotter! I saw Bigger and Beefier on your header and got really excited until I found out it pertained to your posts. LOL Anyway, glad to see your back with a new look and an edgier thought process.


    1. Hey, now! Watch it! 🙂 Yeah, my mindset about blogging changed fo’ shizzle. It’ll be a bit more profane but hey, after 5 years of blogging, everybody should expect nothing less than that!


  2. Thanks for the compliment – that was very cool to read!

    The only part of Baby Mama that I enjoyed, which means I laughed out loud, was the part when Tina Fey’s character tries to get faux pregnant chick to take her giant prenatal vitamin and at one point during the debacle she says, “no, I can’t put it in your butt.”


    It’s really no surprise that I laughed, right?


    1. I gave credit where it was most definitely due, so thanks 🙂 As far as *Baby Mama* goes, Any Poehler, aka the voice of The Mighty B!, annoys me to no end anyhow! I wanna slap her silly sometimes but it seems like too much effort and I think that slapping the TV screen would mean I’ve hit the bottom of the rung on The Ladder of Life…


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