At the Ballgame

At the Ballgame, originally uploaded by aeromat. They can call it whatever they want to these days, but it will always be Anaheim Stadium to me. Now let's play ball!

Helpful Photo Tips

Okay guys, Dave's got a few more nifty photographic tips for you after attending a birthday party for one of The Kid's friends and seeing some really poor actions by parents. I really wouldn't consider this a follow-up to my post entitled "How to Hold a Camera" since this one is aimed more at the … Continue reading Helpful Photo Tips


Not the Same Person

Ann bought me a film scanner the other day as a combination anniversary/Father's Day present. And ever since I opened it, I've been looking through boxes of old negatives for stuff to scan and e-mail/post on Facebook/etc. In the process I came across an old negative of me and my brother at Disneyland, circa 2000 … Continue reading Not the Same Person

Hurricane Dave

I normally give follow-up posts the title of "[Original Blog Title], Part Deux" but today I'm breaking tradition because, quite simply, this one needs it. And once again, I would like to warn those of you with virgin eyes and ears that this one will be laden with profanity. Ahem. So let's get to it. … Continue reading Hurricane Dave

Christmas in May

Real quickly, here's where the family will be heading today. And if you're in L.A. or visiting, you should check it out since it's free! Disney's A Christmas Carol Train Tour starts at Union Station and begins its trek across the U.S. on Tuesday. If you've got out-of-town visitors, get them on the MTA and … Continue reading Christmas in May