Reader E-Mail

For tonight's post I thought I'd share with you a strange e-mail that I received the other night. What made it strange was that it was sent to one of the many e-mail addresses I've associated with this blog, but since I've been finally able to get an e-mail address with my domain, I haven't … Continue reading Reader E-Mail



A few posts ago I wrote about a creepy-cool shirt I bought at the Marukai store, and that I would send the image to my buddy in Japan for a explanation of what it all means. Never being the one to disappoint (for the most part), I thought I'd share what the shirt says with … Continue reading 5

Long Day

I'm beat, folks. As a matter of fact, I'm in bed composing this post on my iPod Touch so that I can somewhat relax and write at the same time. (UPDATE: Pics and other thingies added this morning from the PC.) Why so tired, you ask? Today was our company's picnic-slash-*softball tournament which ran until … Continue reading Long Day

Ad-Free Blogging

My inbox has been inundated lately with what appear to be innocent, hey-let's-be-buddies-and-exchange-links queries. The truth is the owners of these so-called "blogs" are trying to get something for nothing by pushing their sites wherever possible, namely blogs. And it pisses me off. So why do these queries turn your old pal Dave into a … Continue reading Ad-Free Blogging


Ah, camping. There's nothing like being one with nature, being free of the hassles of the daily grind, hanging out with Satan... Wait, what? Here's a picture I took of the roaring firepit where we made S'mores on Saturday night: Do you see what I see? No? So go ahead and click on this one … Continue reading ZOMG!! TEH FACE OF EVAL!!11!1!