The Thriller is Gone


There are very few times in history that you’ll remember so vividly. This is one of them.

Anybody that says they’ve never grooved to one of Michael Jackson’s songs or that they weren’t moved by him in some way or another is a freaking liar. Admit it, tough guy: you know several dance moves from one of his videos, probably Thriller or Captain EO. You may have even done them at a wedding or when really, really drunk.

Either way, his music knew no race, no boundaries, no anything. And that’s what music should truly be: universal.

It’s still rather difficult to believe, but the legend we knew as Michael Jackson is gone, and so is a huge part of my younger years. It’s hard not to listen to his music and be taken back to my teenage years when those “Michael Jackson jackets” were en vogue, along with parachute pants (neither of which I ever owned, although I did have a fake Member’s Only jacket). My brother was working at KIIS FM at the time Thriller dropped and man, it was just madness. MJ was in heavy rotation but because the album was so chock full o’ hits, you never heard the same one twice in an hour. Highly unusual with pop artists these days, and a feat the I think will never happen again.

Then you have the dance moves. There was and will be no equal. You can try to simulate them but even the best dancer’s version couldn’t hold a candle to the master himself. They were almost to the point of  being physically impossible, but he made them look easy.

His music is his legacy and we can be thankful we were around to experience it firsthand. Go ahead and say what you want, but there will never be another performer like him–ever.

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4 thoughts on “The Thriller is Gone

  1. I am still in a state of shock.Yeah,that was a song too by MJ.Was really hoping it was the one time talk radio host that was dead since he is a JERK rather than the King Of Pop.Was GROOVING to PYT last night on XM saying “WHat a DAMN good song”.But XM Sirus is asleep since all of the formats are pre-taped and there is nobody live so no all MJ on the 8’s and such.Being there at the start of it all,sitting in the newsroom and KIIS when he caught fire doing the Pepsi spot…yeah,he was amazing.Who’s Bad????Michael was Bad.


    1. They need to wake up and get on the ball. On the news they are showing people dancing to his music in various local spots, including Hollywood near his star(s). There won’t be something like this for a long time if ever again.


  2. It’s the end of an era. I remember huddling around the TV waiting for the World Wide Release of Thriller on MTV. Everyone who was anyone back then was glued to the set to see the longest, most expensive music video at the time. And yes, I owned a Thriller Jacket. I use to wear it with my black parachute pants that had the contrasting red zippers.


    1. It truly is the end of an era. And yes, the insanity around the Thriller video was intense and something we’ll never see again. It was groundbreaking at the time but so archaic today. But he definitely changed the world of music videos forever.

      I found a Captain EO visor near a dumpster years ago. I can imagine what the person who threw it out might be thinking right about now. I hope they release that on DVD now. It was amazing.


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