Camping, Biking, Tiring

So, how went your weekend? Here’s a quick recap of mine.

The Kid and I went camping at a local park on Saturday night/Sunday morning and it was an absolute blast. I won’t get into too many details as this was genuinely father-and-son time, but all I can say is that he wants to go again. Truly a time neither of us will forget.

Once home (and after a quick and much-needed shower), we headed on down to Marukai Super 98+ store. As you well know from some of my previous posts, we [heart] Marukai store but the most conveniently located store in Fountain Valley closed its doors over a year ago. So we tracked down the next closest store and made the mistake of going there. And when I say “made the mistake” I mean that in the most sincere sense.

I mean, where in the Hell else are you going to find a shirt like this?

[Kodak] 003

What does it mean? I have no idea but I do know that like most everything at Marukai, it’s ten types of awesome. I am going to forward this to a friend in Japan for translation, so check back for an update.

And oh, The Kid rode his bike sans training wheels today. There’s no stopping him now…

I’m beat and it’s back to work tomorrow. Off to bed!

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2 thoughts on “Camping, Biking, Tiring

  1. Hmmm…I’m sure it’s kind of risque, whatever it says. And no training wheels, huh? The kid has stepped up to the bigtime. Glad your weekend went so well.


    1. It’s from Japan. Remember, things are um…different over there 🙂 It was busy but fun. Now it’s off to work!


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