Let’s Go Dodgers!

The Kid wanted to draw something for me to hang at my desk, so here’s my request:


This will be posted in my cubicle tomorrow and will remain there throughout the remainder of the playoffs and–dare I say it–World Series.

And what a great series it was: a come-from-behind victory, Dodger bats practically shutting down St. Louis’ two best starters, and Padilla throwing bullets in the clincher. Not quite time to celebrate but hey, we’re off to face whoever makes it out alive in the Rockies/Phillies series.

And hey, did you hear that the Angels swept the Red Sox? Could this possibly be the year we here in southern California see a Freeway Series in October as opposed to the usual one we see during the last few days of Spring Training?

Only time will tell but in the meantime, I’m enjoying what the Dodgers have done so far. It make have taken years to finally get Kemp and Ethier to produce some stellar numbers but it’s far from my original thought of “Who the hell are these guys?” back in 2006, the same going for Russell Martin and James Loney who all joined the team that same year.

Let’s keep the ball rolling, guys. Rest up and be ready for the NLCS!