A Weekend Away


You might recall a few months ago I had mentioned that The Kid and I were going camping at a local park. We did and it was a blast.

What I failed to mention was that in October, there was another campout at said park and we were going to that one, too.

Well, said event is happening tomorrow night and it’s going to be a good time as this event is Halloween-themed, so we will go trick-or-treating from tent to tent, decorate a pumpkin and oh yes, we will go “ghost hunting” late into the night.

The only major difference between this time and last is that the weather is unusually warm for October.

As I glance at the thermometer on my desk, it’s telling me that the outdoor temperature is a balmy 72 degrees—at 11:00 p.m. In October.

Seriously, what the hell? Would you believe that a few days ago we had three straight days of rain? Okay, it was rain in the most academic sense in that it was wet and falling from the sky but man, so much for easing into warmer temperature! No no no, we can’t have that. We just had to be blasted with an unruly 95-degree heat wave that, for the love all things holy, (edit) I hope* cools down by tomorrow night when we set up camp.

You know, s’mores and a campfire are fine and well but in this heat? I’m not so sure it’s a good idea. Give me some cooler temperatures any day of the week and I’m fine.

Ah well. I gotta get going. We had a potluck at work today and I pretty much snacked on anything I could get my hands on during my entire shift, and it’s seriously catching up with me. Or should I say, running right through me. Ahem.

I need some water—and a closer bathroom.

I’m out until Sunday afternoon. Have a great weekend!

* Note to self: proofread thoroughly next time.

6 thoughts on “A Weekend Away

  1. Dude, I will punch you in the mouth. We are freezing our balls (figurative for me) off and drowning in Kansas City because it apparently thinks it’s now the Pacific Northwest. Denver isn’t much better since I sat through a 28 degree Rockies game last Sunday. What I wouldn’t give for an inkling of non gas powered warmth…You may sweat all night at the camp out, but at least you won’t get hypothermia. I hope it’s good father son bonding time. Have fun!


    1. Yeah I know, quit bragging already, huh? But hey, it’s cooled down to a chilly 79 today 🙂 And it did cool down after I wrote the post. I know this since I was Xboxing until 1 a.m.–I’m such a loser–and opened the back door for a bit.

      And thanks. I’m sure we’ll have a good time, and that the wife will be glad to be free from us…if only for 20 hours…

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  2. Oh what a heart breaker! We were biting our nails here in Philly watching that game and then oh, what a hit by Jimmy Rollins. I realize it’s only 3 games but what a game ending. Dave, you really must be Dodgers’ Blue… 😦


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