Hello Wrightwood!

It's 25 degrees up here and it's beautiful. So glad we came today!

Audio Assistance

If you are visually impared and/or need to use braille, then perhaps you shouldn't be driving. Just sayin'.

Rain and Flooding: Phone Cam Evidence

This was my trip home after picking up Anthony from school. By the time I left the truck, picked him up and returned, we were both drenched to the bone. I'm not saying it was bad but we've had several advisories: tornado, high surf, etc. It was so bad that all the manhole covers were … Continue reading Rain and Flooding: Phone Cam Evidence


The one thing I can always depend on happening at the start of a New Year is the renewal of my domain name. I mean, it’s really hard to ignore all those damn e-mail alerts I get beginning in November and being I’m the type to let them go for a bit, I usually end … Continue reading Renewal

Even the Odd

Before I get to the root of this post, I’d just like to say that I’ve been dealing with some personal matters in my life which have inhibited my blogging time. Nothing too major or anything; just some family issues that have yet to be resolved and, hopefully, will be in the near future. So … Continue reading Even the Odd