Hello Wrightwood!

It’s 25 degrees up here and it’s beautiful. So glad we came today!

Audio Assistance

If you are visually impared and/or need to use braille, then perhaps you shouldn’t be driving. Just sayin’.

Rain and Flooding: Phone Cam Evidence

This was my trip home after picking up Anthony from school. By the time I left the truck, picked him up and returned, we were both drenched to the bone. I’m not saying it was bad but we’ve had several advisories: tornado, high surf, etc.

It was so bad that all the manhole covers were being popped and thrown in the middle of the streets (see middle of picture):

I also saw quite a few trash cans floating down the street:

I ended up calling the police and they dispatched help immediately:

And here’s the flood channel behind Ann’s office:

Yes, it’s almost to the top.

And this street was completely flooded:

Despite all this, keep in mind that the worst is yet to come. Yeah, so it’s not snow or anything but it’s bad enough. Either way, I still love the rain.


The one thing I can always depend on happening at the start of a New Year is the renewal of my domain name. I mean, it’s really hard to ignore all those damn e-mail alerts I get beginning in November and being I’m the type to let them go for a bit, I usually end up renewing the thing at the last minute.

And this year was no exception. Today, I went ahead and renewed the thing for another year so all of my loyal readers—all three of you—won’t have to update your bookmarks or do anything drastic. Not that this blog is even worth reading lately but hey, I do it all for you. And me.

Along with the domain name comes domain mapping for WordPress, which I also renewed today. So I own this for another year. Yay for me.

Other things. It seems that my streak interesting things happening on odd-numbered days ended as of today. There wasn’t anything worth noting or interesting going on, so I guess it’s all done for. But there were a few more in the meantime:

January 13: My Dell computer finally arrived, along with Lips Number 1 Hits (not in the same box or from Dell but hey, it arrived the same day). I absolutely dig the new computer and spent a day getting everything installed, moved over, and re-arranging the computer desk. Fun stuff, and I don’t really think I’m done just yet.

January 15: I went in for my second interview for the proofreader position. I suppose it’s a good sign when you arrive and the HR person says, “I’ve heard so many good things about you!” I’m taking that as a compliment but believe me, I’m by no means getting my hopes up about the position. I’m just not going to do it for the sake of keeping my sanity if it doesn’t work out. And if it doesn’t then that’s fine; I’m very happy being Mr. Mom and spending more time with Anthony.

As far as other things, there’s not much happening or to speak of (or that I care to elaborate on, for that matter). If anything, I was going through some of my ancient Word documents and found quite a few gems I wrote in college, long before this blog even exited. Should I get a little desperate for content and from the way it looks I just might, I’ll go ahead and post a few of these docs. Just to keep things going.

That’s it for now. The rain’s falling steadily here on SoCal and I think it’s time to go and relax. See ya.

Even the Odd

Before I get to the root of this post, I’d just like to say that I’ve been dealing with some personal matters in my life which have inhibited my blogging time. Nothing too major or anything; just some family issues that have yet to be resolved and, hopefully, will be in the near future.

So now here we go!

In this, an even-numbered year, it seems that some of the more memorable things have been happening on odd-numbered days. Not that I’m a firm believer in numerology or anything, I just noticed that this is the way things are going. In fact, it seemed to start on December 31, 2009 when I got the call about the job interview.

Since then, more and more things have been taking place every other day. Here’s a brief collection of these things:

January 1: Went to John’s Incredible Pizza which isn’t spectacular, but it was our first time going. And it was a lot of fun.

January 3: Took a trip to Disneyland since our Annual Passports weren’t blocked anymore.

January 5: Job interview. They are supposed to be calling back candidates this week and I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

January 7: The first Microsoft Lifecam Cinema webcam arrived. I say “the first” since I ordered one from OnSale.com but was later able to obtain it for significantly cheaper. So as of this post, I have two of the suckers; the one from OnSale will be returned.

January 9: The computer that was to be my early birthday present from the in-laws was supposed to arrive from Dell but, due to their incompetence, it has yet to materialize. There seems to be a major fuck-up on their half and we’ve since canceled the order. Once the in-laws are properly refunded, we’re walking into Wal-Mart and grabbing the same HP model that they bought Ann for her birthday. Dude, I’m so not getting a Dell. Fortunately, that day some good news did arrive: my copy of Forza Motorsport 3. So it wasn’t a total loss.

January 11: The second webcam arrived, which is what I’m using at this moment to stream my ugly mug via Stickam while I blog:

"Words...something something something..."

(And believe it or not, there are two people actually watching me.) It’s HD and it’s pretty damn cool…if only my old computer had the resources to stream an HD picture. Either way, I’m enjoying it.

To take that a step further, I had originally purchased the webcam with the intention of posting video blogs on those days when I’m feeling especially lazy or have something worthy of showing off. Whatever the hell that could be is beyond me, but I thought that posing a video blog now and then would be pretty cool.

Aside from the drama I’ve had recently, that’s how my year’s been going so far. Hope yours has been going as well as expected, too. And don’t be surprised if you see a video post in the near future!

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