Rain and Flooding: Phone Cam Evidence

This was my trip home after picking up Anthony from school. By the time I left the truck, picked him up and returned, we were both drenched to the bone. I’m not saying it was bad but we’ve had several advisories: tornado, high surf, etc.

It was so bad that all the manhole covers were being popped and thrown in the middle of the streets (see middle of picture):

I also saw quite a few trash cans floating down the street:

I ended up calling the police and they dispatched help immediately:

And here’s the flood channel behind Ann’s office:

Yes, it’s almost to the top.

And this street was completely flooded:

Despite all this, keep in mind that the worst is yet to come. Yeah, so it’s not snow or anything but it’s bad enough. Either way, I still love the rain.


4 thoughts on “Rain and Flooding: Phone Cam Evidence

  1. Oh, I have never experienced such a huge rains here in Prague where I live. I mean, there were some big overflooding in the past (especially the one in 2002), but the only source of it was heavy rain. There wasn’t any strong wind going along with it.
    Hope you and your family will be safe.
    Are you used to having such a huge rains in California? Or are they rare?


    1. We get rain now and then but it’s been a long time since we got something like this. Stay tuned for what today brings–it’s supposed to be worse…

      All I have to do is pick up my son and then come back home. Not going anywhere afterwards!


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