I, For One, Welcome 2010

I have never been more happy to see a year come to an end. 2009, you were a cruel bitch goddess that did nothing but bring pain and misery to my life. F.U., chinga tu madre, and bring on 2010 already. Happy New Year everybody, and be safe tonight while whooping it up. Thanks for … Continue reading I, For One, Welcome 2010

The Flirt

Look people, even though I’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight over the last few years, I still don’t consider myself the most attractive dude on the planet. I’m just not, but I don’t think I’m exactly Brian Peppers, either. In other words, honestly I believe that my physical appearance has improved tremendously now that … Continue reading The Flirt

Merry Christmas, Jerk!

The holiday season is in full swing and it’s time to look back on the things we’re thankful for. Here’s my list—and it’s pretty short. I’m thankful to be alive and enjoy my family and friends, whom I’m also thankful for. The rest is just details. That pretty much sums it up. As for the … Continue reading Merry Christmas, Jerk!

More Major Awards!

Many posts ago, I mentioned how I had been rewarded for correcting a certain billboard flub. Well, today the FedEx man showed up with another surprise for me. And being that I had no idea what it was, I decided to shoot a video of the unboxing for all the world to see. What could … Continue reading More Major Awards!

Window Shopping

iPod vending machine @ Macy's. Cool!