The one thing I can always depend on happening at the start of a New Year is the renewal of my domain name. I mean, it’s really hard to ignore all those damn e-mail alerts I get beginning in November and being I’m the type to let them go for a bit, I usually end up renewing the thing at the last minute.

And this year was no exception. Today, I went ahead and renewed the thing for another year so all of my loyal readers—all three of you—won’t have to update your bookmarks or do anything drastic. Not that this blog is even worth reading lately but hey, I do it all for you. And me.

Along with the domain name comes domain mapping for WordPress, which I also renewed today. So I own this for another year. Yay for me.

Other things. It seems that my streak interesting things happening on odd-numbered days ended as of today. There wasn’t anything worth noting or interesting going on, so I guess it’s all done for. But there were a few more in the meantime:

January 13: My Dell computer finally arrived, along with Lips Number 1 Hits (not in the same box or from Dell but hey, it arrived the same day). I absolutely dig the new computer and spent a day getting everything installed, moved over, and re-arranging the computer desk. Fun stuff, and I don’t really think I’m done just yet.

January 15: I went in for my second interview for the proofreader position. I suppose it’s a good sign when you arrive and the HR person says, “I’ve heard so many good things about you!” I’m taking that as a compliment but believe me, I’m by no means getting my hopes up about the position. I’m just not going to do it for the sake of keeping my sanity if it doesn’t work out. And if it doesn’t then that’s fine; I’m very happy being Mr. Mom and spending more time with Anthony.

As far as other things, there’s not much happening or to speak of (or that I care to elaborate on, for that matter). If anything, I was going through some of my ancient Word documents and found quite a few gems I wrote in college, long before this blog even exited. Should I get a little desperate for content and from the way it looks I just might, I’ll go ahead and post a few of these docs. Just to keep things going.

That’s it for now. The rain’s falling steadily here on SoCal and I think it’s time to go and relax. See ya.