I am away from home in a hotel room.

I get free Wi-Fi access and breakfast buffet.

I am composing this on my iPod Touch.

I can hear the steady hum of freeway traffic outside my window.

I hear Ann and Anthony chatting in the bedroom. It just stopped.

I am sleeping on a sofa bed and forgot to pack my own pillows.

I bought a Timex Ironman iPod I-Control watch at the local outlet mall for $30.

I hope LEGOLAND isn’t crowded tomorrow.

I am glad there are cheap places to eat around here.

I can’t keep my eyes open much longer.

I am going to bed.


2 thoughts on “I

  1. I can’t take my eyes off of this post 🙂
    I am laughing jokingly.
    I am looking forward to your next post and to the pictures from LEGOLAND!


    1. Between Ann and I, we shot well over 400 pictures. Will upload the non-personal ones to Flickr when I get home. The Wi-Fi at the hotel is incredibly slow!


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