Keeping Things in Perspective

I may have failed to mention this in some of my more recent posts but believe it or not, I’ve managed to gain a little of my weight back. While it’s not a ridiculous amount, it’s still something I’m not entirely proud of considering what it took to get where I am today.

I’m still not near my eventual goal weight of 190 lbs. but I’m not exactly where I was before the holidays. In short, I’m just a tad under 200 lbs. and haven’t been near my pre-holiday weight of 195 lbs. for some time now.

Sure, it’s only a few pounds. But I must keep things in perspective and remember what I’ve lost so far.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present 100 pounds of fat:


I think I feel better. That, or even more disgusted than before.


Going Social

Whilst spending what seems like an eternity roaming around this vast Series of Tubes, I suddenly had an epiphany: I’m all over the place.

No, not so much in they way that I just described but leaning more towards social networking sites. And being that I haven’t had too much to blog about recently, I thought I’d post links to all of them so that my loyal readers–all 3 of you–can stalk me and mumble nonsensical remarks about Jodie Foster if you so desire. So here they are, complete with clickable icon links to the appropriate profile page. Note that these are also in the new Social page above, which replaces the old Media page, and will be updated should I become a member of yet another social networking site.

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