This Aggression Will Not Stand

Anthony and his friend Vanessa regularly play for at least an hour each day once she gets home from school. And for the most part, despite Vanessa being three years Anthony's senior, they get along very well. But something happened yesterday that threw a wrench into their playtime. Whatever it was, Anthony felt that an … Continue reading This Aggression Will Not Stand

The 700 Club

Well, folks, with the posting of this entry, I have officially written 700 blog posts since 2004. I figure in another 63 posts I will have passed Barry Bonds, and without the use of HGH or BALCO. Go me! Anyway, there is a point to this post. As if I needed yet another blog to … Continue reading The 700 Club

My Tuna Salad Recipe

Before you think that you’ve accidentally stumbled upon some strange site or that it’s not me writing this, I can assure you that it really is me, Dave, and not an incredible simulation. I decided to go ahead and post this since I haven’t written anything in a long time and to share my culinary … Continue reading My Tuna Salad Recipe

Blue Heaven!

Blue Heaven!, originally uploaded by aeromat. Where's my Dodger Dog?


Something occurred to me the other day: there are one hell of a lot of iPods around this house. This thought didn't really come out of the blue, either. What really made me think about this is the fact that I won an iPod nano from a contest I entered on, which arrived while … Continue reading AnotheriPodholeinyohead