Fitness Pays Off in More Ways Than One

You might recall this post in which I tell the tale of my purchasing of an iPod every two years, or so it seems. This time, it was a 64GB iPod Touch which I thought for sure would be the last one I’d get in a long time.

But if you read that entire post, you would have seen that the Touch also keeps track of my runs on the NikeRunning site. Cool, yes. Also mentioned in that post are the two challenges that I entered, with the St. Paddy’s Lucky Runner Challenge offering a prize of a brand-spanking-new iPod nano to five random participants.

Anybody wanna guess who one of those five lucky bastards was?

Me. Yes, I actually won something! Okay, so it isn’t the first time I’ve won something and mentioned it here but damn, this prize may very well take the proverbial cake. This will be the…(counts fingers)…7th iPod in the house:

  • 30GB Video
  • 8GB Touch (1st & 2nd generation, mine and Ann’s respectively)
  • 64GB Touch (3rd generation)
  • 4GB nano (2nd generation)
  • 1GB Shuffle (2nd generation)
  • 8GB nano (my prize)

Yeah, there are quite a few around here but I just can’t seem to part with any of them, especially the Shuffle since Apple seemed to take a step backward with their 3rd-gen model.

Anyhoo, it’s been shipped already and should be here any day. Who knew that losing weight and taking up exercising would not only make you healthy but also shower you with gifts?