My Major Award(s)

I got a letter in the mail the other day from the folks at Rosarito Beach, and they have properly rewarded me for the effort.

My keen eye and photographic evidence scored me a two-night stay at the Rosarito Beach Hotel as well as certificates for two free massages. Now all I need to do is figure out when we can head down there and everything will be cool.

Oh, and there was a package on the porch when we came home today. It was from SoBe Beverages. Now, I took advantage of their free license plate frame offer in the past and hadn’t ordered anything since so I had no idea what all this was about.

Upon opening the box I found a letter and some rolled-up t-shirts. Turns out I entered a contest some time ago and was one of the 3,000 winners to receive a set of limited edition SoBe Beverage t-shirts featuring designs that will hit the shelves in a month or so! (By the way, I’ve been drinking everything in SoBe’s Lizard Line since they used to label their bottles with stickers.) There is a total of six shirts, two of each design. You can see them here.

Thanks to kind folks at SoBe Beverages and for all the stuff.

So as The Old Man in A Chistmas Story would say, “It’s a major award. I won!”