I’m Suing Microsoft and Harmonix

Way back in March 2008, I wrote an April Fool’s entry about potential Rock Band add-ons. In case you need to have your mind refreshed (or didn’t even know about it in the first place), here’s the link. Thinking it was just a lame blog entry that would get absolutely no attention, I just let … Continue reading I’m Suing Microsoft and Harmonix

The Pole-Licker

There’s this kid at Anthony’s school whose behavior pretty much defies all that encompasses what one could consider normal, even for a kid. But before I get on that, here’s a synopsis. For starters, all of his school equipment—clothes, backpack, etc.—are all too big for him. It’s almost as if his parents decided to buy … Continue reading The Pole-Licker

Final Blog Test

Final Blog Test, originally uploaded by aeromat. This is an MMS message. This better work... Note: I have been trying to figure out how to post pictures here since I got this new phone. I think I finally got it but I have to post to Flickr, which then posts here, then goes to Facebook … Continue reading Final Blog Test


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What A Waist

What A Waste, originally uploaded by aeromat. Oh, for the love of God...really?