I’m Suing Microsoft and Harmonix

hqdefault Way back in March 2008, I wrote an April Fool’s entry about potential Rock Band add-ons. In case you need to have your mind refreshed (or didn’t even know about it in the first place), here’s the link.

Thinking it was just a lame blog entry that would get absolutely no attention, I just let it simmer and wrote a follow-up the next day explaining how bad I thought it was. Turns out that years later, that post is still one of my blog’s most popular entries:

One year later, Microsoft launched their idea of an April Fool’s joke: Alpine Legend, a game which shows gamers playing yodeling and dancing around like fools:

It would have been really funny—if I hadn’t written about it first in 2008:

Harmonix also plans polka yodeling, allowing previously reluctant individuals languishing for oddball octaves lively, spirited dancing all year-round.

Huh. Imagine that. The mind boggles.

Then comes news that Rock Band 3 will be purportedly gaining a keytar, as reported in this Endadget article and teased in the Green Day: Rock Band demo:


Let’s go back to that April Fool’s entry, shall we?

Rock Band’s mature fans will appreciate the Rock Band Wireless Keytar, an exciting addition that will introduce the synth-pop and electronic genres to the game, with music from bands such as Depeche Mode and Devo planned for downloadable content.

Either I’m the Nostradamus of video games or somebody’s been reading that blog post and getting ideas.

So what do you think this’ll get me? A couple of million? A toaster and a few broken baseball bats and a ticket to a minor league game?

I think it’s time to get Larry H. Parker on the horn–no foolin’.


The Pole-Licker


There’s this kid at Anthony’s school whose behavior pretty much defies all that encompasses what one could consider normal, even for a kid. But before I get on that, here’s a synopsis.

For starters, all of his school equipment—clothes, backpack, etc.—are all too big for him. It’s almost as if his parents decided to buy larger stuff so that it will last him until he reaches high school even though he’s only in the first grade. The backpack is riddled with all sorts of trinkets that rattle and shake as he makes his daily run across the kindergarten yard to the first grade yard. All the while, he’s singing or babbling incoherently in the hopes that somebody will listen.

Then there’s the jacket, about three sizes to large. So large is it that I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen the kid’s hands; the sleeves hang over them about four inches, making him look like he’s got broken wrists or something. But now that I think of it, he looks a lot like Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba! when he flails those arms all over the place.

And did I mention he wears glasses and, at the same awards ceremony that Anthony attended a few months ago, he won an award in—wait for it—math?

Put all of those things together and you have one odd little bird. You know, like that kid in A Christmas Story that was talking about The Wizard of Oz to Ralphie? Yeah, he’s kind of like that. But wait, there’s more!

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Final Blog Test

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This better work…

Note: I have been trying to figure out how to post pictures here since I got this new phone. I think I finally got it but I have to post to Flickr, which then posts here, then goes to Facebook and Twitter. Man, I need a real hobby…


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What A Waist

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Oh, for the love of God…really?