Background Break

Background acting has been an extremely enlightening and fun experience, but I’m going to miss it.

I’ve decided that after I finish my job for the show Outlaw tomorrow, I will be taking an indefinite break from this cool little gig. But before I post the reasons why, here’s a quick list of what makes it so much fun.

It’s Not Hard Work: When compared to other jobs I could be working for minimum wage, this trumps them all. It’s about maybe 3 hours of work per day and the rest of the time is spent sitting around while they prepare the next scene.

Free Meals: I don’t think I need to say anything else other than I shouldn’t be eating this much. But it’s soooo good.

8 Hour Days A Rarity: Being on the set for 8 hours is definitely a rarity and you’re usually there a good 12 hours. This sounds good monetarily but again, it is a minimum wage job so at the end of the day, 12 hours gets me a little over $100 a day (on average, minus bumps).

It Shows EDD I’m Trying to Find Work: EDD likes to see that people receiving unemployment benefits are at least attempting to look for work, and this is one way I’m showing it to them. The downside is that I have to claim all of my income and it is then deducted from my unemployment checks.

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Desperate Times

Peeps, as if my “Why You Should Hire Me” post wasn’t enough of an indication, I’m getting desperate for work. I can explain more in another post later.

And while searching the online classified ads I came across a business opportunity that, to be quite honest, was like nothing I’d ever seen (and made me wonder why I never thought of it).

Here’s the pitch. Women have Mary Kay, Tupperware, The Pampered Chef, etc. All of this is great–if you’re a woman. But what if there was a company that peddled products designed specifically for the male set and offered the opportunity for guys to hang around with the guys, drink beer, and sample products like gourmet steaks and chicken?

Enter Man Cave Worldwide, a company which does just that. And I won’t bore you with all the details but if you click here, you can get a quick rundown of how it all works.

This is how desperate I am now. I’m actually considering this. (That, or going back to selling tickets at Knott’s Berry Farm. At least I can get the family in for free whenever it pleases me.)

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