Yes, I'm alive. No, I don't feel like saying much other than my unemployment check is late, I didn't get the job at my former employer, I caught my brother lying about Dad on his Facebook page (which, as you might imagine, caused me to blow several fuses and a microchip), I'm still waiting on … Continue reading Whatever

Happy Caturday!

Since it's Caturday, I thought I'd upload this video of Ozzie taking a power nap on my shoulder. He's gotten into the habit of sleeping behind me on the back of the computer chair and sometimes slinks down on my lap for a quick nap. But yesterday, he just couldn't make it there and...well, here's … Continue reading Happy Caturday!

Six Years of Nonsense

Can you believe that I've been pecking away at this keyboard for six years already? Well, not continuously, of course. I'd have serious ass problems if I did that. But you get the idea. Wait, let me rephrase that. Can you believe that I started blogging six years ago today? Yes, it was on this … Continue reading Six Years of Nonsense

Fat 2 Fit Hits the Bookstore

Hey gang! As you may know, the Fat 2 Fit podcast was one of my motivators during my weight loss program. The hosts, Russ Turley and Jeff Ainslie, also featured my e-mail about my success in Episode 63. All of that said, I'm proud to give a plug to their new book, Fat 2 Fit: Getting There and … Continue reading Fat 2 Fit Hits the Bookstore

Doing the Math

I have this cool iPod app called AppBox Pro that is chock full of somewhat useless gadgets: loan calculator, currency converter, battery life indicator, etc. I had the Lite version of this app but found it rather useful after playing with it so I gladly spent the 99 cents on the full version. It also … Continue reading Doing the Math