Yes, I’m alive.

No, I don’t feel like saying much other than my unemployment check is late, I didn’t get the job at my former employer, I caught my brother lying about Dad on his Facebook page (which, as you might imagine, caused me to blow several fuses and a microchip), I’m still waiting on the word from my interview last week, I’ve got about $60 in my account with bills due that are now going to be late, the Dodgers continue to fall apart, and with the job situation still not going in my favor, I pretty much feel worthless–and perpetually pissed off.

So with all that in mind, fuck it, I’m going to bed or something. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Happy Caturday!

Since it’s Caturday, I thought I’d upload this video of Ozzie taking a power nap on my shoulder. He’s gotten into the habit of sleeping behind me on the back of the computer chair and sometimes slinks down on my lap for a quick nap. But yesterday, he just couldn’t make it there and…well, here’s what happened as captured by my webcam:

Ozzie definitely knows how to make me chuckle 🙂


Six Years of Nonsense

Can you believe that I’ve been pecking away at this keyboard for six years already? Well, not continuously, of course. I’d have serious ass problems if I did that. But you get the idea.

Wait, let me rephrase that.

Can you believe that I started blogging six years ago today? Yes, it was on this fateful day back in 2004 when I started to send my thoughts to the world electronically, at least through blogging. (I’ve had an e-mail account since the early ’90s.) It’s pretty much been all downhill since then as you can probably tell.

Then there was that time when I thought I was going to give up blogging for good in an attempt to become a normal, anonymous citizen.

That didn’t last long.

And just to blow your mind, here’s me and Anthony back in July 2004:

Here we are in 2010 (today, in fact):

So yeah, a few things have changed over the years, including taking major steps back in photographic quality. Actually, this was taken in lo-res with my webcam so there. Neener-neener.

At any rate, here’s to many more years of blah blah blah. Now onto other stuffs.

We took advantage of today’s free admission and free parking at the Orange County Fair, the one event we look forward to each year (and the one time when calories don’t count). And I have to admit that I was mildly disappointed.

The main reason anybody goes to the fair is to engorge themselves in the variety of foods that are available. Immediately after entry, we headed on over my favorite food vendor, Ten Pound Buns. I look forward to eating their BBQ chicken, sourdough-bread pizzas each year and of course, 2010 was no exception. And as matter of fact, here I am back in 2008 when I was their first customer:

And you know I could have very well been their first customer this year, too–if they hadn’t had problems with their power. They said that they should have everything up and running in 10 minutes but instead of waiting, we headed over to an Italian eatery in an attempt to curb Anthony’s now growing pizza fit.

Bad idea. Turns out that they were having problems with their registers and couldn’t ring anybody up. Now it’s getting bad but the good thing was that, between deciding on which places to eat and relaying the information back to Ann, Ten Pound Buns was now open.

Anthony and I head on back and place our order.

“One original and one BBQ chicken,” I say.

“We don’t have any BBQ chicken right now,” said the cashier. I smirk and chuckle in astonishment, add a Pespi to Anthony’s order, pay the man and wait.

We get our order and head over to the table. By then, Ann had gotten her lunch at the Hawai’ian BBQ place which, from what she told me, was an experience in itself (note: rude workers). I take a few pieces of Anthony’s pizza and Ann ended up giving me some of her orange chicken and rice. That was my lunch since I refused to pay for anything else but my BBQ chicken pizza.

As we finished up, we walked by Ten Pound Buns and lo and behold, they were now serving BBQ chicken. And while I don’t have a picture of me really expressing how I felt, here’s a fairly accurate representation of it:

Look, I realize that shit happens. But on the first day of the fair–the one day when thousands of people get into the place for free for an hour–for shit’s sake make sure you’re prepared. I say this because, in addition to Ann, I wasn’t the only one that had poor experiences with some of the food vendors today. I witnessed another guy literally walking away from Juicy’s BBQ giving one of the workers the finger and from what I had [over]heard, they too were out of something and this guy was obviously not happy. It didn’t help that he was also in front of me in line at the Italian place whose registers were on the blink.

So I gotta admit that our first hour at the fair was definitely memorable but not for anything good. But things got a little better afterwards when we started taking advantage of the $1 samples that all vendors were selling. Mmmm…funnel cakes…

Then at about 3:30 it started to get just too damn hot and we decided to leave.

Ann’s a little sunburned, Anthony’s a asleep, and I’m…sitting here talking to you. I love you guys and all but it was a long day and I’m gonna call it a night. Besides, I got my library card (!) this weekend and checked out Screenwriting for Dummies.

Oh Lord, he’s at it again…


Fat 2 Fit Hits the Bookstore

Hey gang!

As you may know, the Fat 2 Fit podcast was one of my motivators during my weight loss program. The hosts, Russ Turley and Jeff Ainslie, also featured my e-mail about my success in Episode 63.

All of that said, I’m proud to give a plug to their new book, Fat 2 Fit: Getting There and Staying There, which is chock full of information that was featured on the show. Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds or, like me, need a little nudge in the right direction every now and then, this is the book to get. As a mater of fact, I’m going over to order my copy right now!

While we’re on the subject of Fat 2 Fit, I will for sure be attending this year’s meetup at Islands in Long Beach, CA. I will also be bringing a buddy along who is now in the middle of his own program, and has dropped a good amount of weight thanks to eating right and exercising–the very same thing I preach on this blog.

If you need more info on the meetup, head on over to Facebook and search Fat 2 Fit.

Thanks, and I hope to see some of you there 🙂


Doing the Math

I have this cool iPod app called AppBox Pro that is chock full of somewhat useless gadgets: loan calculator, currency converter, battery life indicator, etc. I had the Lite version of this app but found it rather useful after playing with it so I gladly spent the 99 cents on the full version.

It also has a Date Calculator that allows you to add days to a certain date, countdown days until a special event, or figure out the day of the week that you were born.

One night I dialed in my birthday and discovered I was born on a Friday. Like I said, somewhat useless gadgets.

But while messing around with the Date Calculator, I thought it would be fun to figure out how many days I’ve been alive. So I punched in my stats and found out how many days I had been wandering this cruel material sphere. A little interesting, I had to admit.

But as they say, an idle mind is the devil’s playground.

I continued to punch in numbers, such as the number of days I spent with my Dad (from the day I was born to the day he died): 2,650. That’s it.

Curiosity finally got the best of me and I entered the following information:

  • Number of days Dad was alive: 15,121

I then added that number to the day I was born and came up with the date of July 10, 2010, which was yesterday.

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, it’s with a bit of mind-boggling hesitation that I strangely announce that as of this post, I have officially outlived my own father. And I have to admit that it’s pretty fucking weird to think about.

I had mentioned all of these dates in a previous post and said a few words about them there but now that the day is here, it’s even more awkward. I mean come on, my dad was DEAD at the very same age I am now. My head hurts thinking about it.

When I was a child, Dad seemed like a larger-than-life figure who was so much older than me. He was invincible, made of iron.

But he wasn’t and let his alcoholism get the best of him. He spent his last days in the hospital and his mother’s house where I remember seeing her practically spoon-feed him since he had gotten progressively worse with time. The picture is so vivid that, if I had an inkling of talent with brushes and gouache, I could make a painting of it.

At this point in my life, Dad faded away into nothingness. I can’t even fathom that happening to me and I can’t imagine how he must have felt sitting in that bed dying, thinking of the family he would soon leave behind. Maybe it’s a good thing that I never took up drinking or smoking, a choice I had made prior to knowing what he had died of (which I learned about in my 20s).

While I know I won’t completely avoid the Grim Reaper’s bony grip, I do whatever I can to make myself a little more illusive to his evil grasp: eating right, exercising, living clean, and knowing that I have a family to look after.

And as I sit here and blab about this monumental day, I can honestly say that with the help of all the aforementioned habits and commitments, there’s no way in hell I’m going anywhere any time soon, which means that you, my loyal readers–all two of you–might very well have to put up with my bullshit for another 15,121 days.

And for that I truly apologize 🙂