The Medium

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I’m a natural born skeptic and as such, it takes a lot of evidence to convince that something that is, for example, supposedly paranormal is indeed factual.

That’s why I have a hard time watching shows such as Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters. Sure, it’s cool to watch and accept as being the gospel truth but do you know how much editing goes into a show like that, and how much ends up on the cutting room floor? Most might accept it as being true but I kind of sit and say “Hmph” with every supposed discovery they present.

That’s not to say that I don’t believe in paranormal activity because I truly do. But as previously stated, it’s something I have to experience on my own and not have presented to me in high-definition. I’ve had some here in this house and elsewhere and so has Ann.

I also believe that everybody has psychic ability in them. We’ve all done things that we have just known were the right thing, whether we relied on our own intuition or it was truly a decision based on psychic instinct.

Now that we’ve established all of this, I’d like to share an experience with you that I had on the set of Law and Order Los Angeles earlier this week.

We had a lot of downtime during this shoot so that gave us background actors lots of time to sit and talk (and eat more than I have in a long time). One topic that came up was previous jobs and why we ended up doing background work. I ended up speaking with a woman whose resume was a laundry list of occupations, one of which was a medium. You know, one of those people who supposedly speak with the dead? Yep.

So me and my skeptical self decided to put her to the test by mentioning that my father died when I was 7. And that’s when the “reading” began. I began by telling her the date of his passing (May 18, 1976). She then went on some tangent about numerology and that if you took the 5 for the month of May and added to whatever and the reversed it, you would get this number that had little or no significance to me whatsoever. Okay, maybe it did but in my opinion, numerology is just coincidence and luck. So she was 0-for-1.

Next she mentioned that the month of June was strong and wondered if that may have been the month of Mom and Dad’s anniversary. Nice try but the two were never married but June is our anniversary. No real connection there unless you consider that Anthony could have possibly been conceived in June of 2003 to be born in March 2004. Still not a real epiphany so Strike 2.

Then she got a reading for the letter J. Something with the letter J: a name, place, etc. The only thing I could come up with was the name Jose which was my grandfather’s name (on my mom’s side). And being Hispanic, the letter J could conjure up a list of potential names for the picking. Not impressed, lady. 0-for-3.

Finally, she told me that spirits like to travel in cars with you to provide a sense of calm and to protect you. I didn’t want to get into how the spirit of Dad would have failed if I were to get into a fatal traffic accident on the way home so I opted for the following question: “What about when I ride my bike? Inherently, there is a bigger risk of me being injured or killed while riding a bike because of careless drivers. Are they with me then?”

Her answer obviously didn’t convince me if I can’t even remember it. During the course of the conversation, she mentioned that she thought renown psychic Sylvia Browne was a big phony. I didn’t have the heart to mention that after my little “reading” that she wasn’t too far behind. The bottom line was that I believe what I want to believe and need to experience it for myself in order for it to have any kind of credibility.

And to never pay any psychic or medium any kind of money in the future.