So…Anthony decided he was really going to push our buttons today and boy, did he ever.

He threw fits. He defied us. He even spat in my face.

So after all of the disciplining was said and done, I still thought he needed a little more. And here is the result.

Ahem. Yeah.

So what’s new? Here’s the deal. I finally got myself hired, albeit temporary, at a local retailer who is currently in the process of remodeling their store and in need of temporary workers. The job should last 5-6 weeks with full-time hours but will drop to part-time afterwards if they decide to keep me on board–or if I choose to stay. Either way, it’s something and if I stick around then I can still do my background acting thing in addition to this.

Speaking of which, my last acting job was on Tuesday for Law and Order Los Angeles. I was digging it because unlike most of the others where I had to drive to the studios in either Hollywood or Burbank, or even some remote location way out in Pasadena, this one was in San Pedro which is so close I didn’t even take the freeway to get there. And I got a bump for using my car. Not a bad job for being the last one for a while.

Anyway, there you go. I’m still alive and entering the (temporary) workforce beginning on Monday. Oh, and I can ride my bike to the new job. Let’s just hope I don’t get hassled about where to park it