Updates and Crap

Okay okay, since I haven’t done much posting lately, let’s go over all sorts of crap.

First, it’s the holiday season so naturally people tend to be busy. I am no exception. And since I will be off the week of Christmas and am a temporary associate, I will not be getting paid for that week. That means that I have been trying to hustle some of my wares on Facebook, eBay, Craigslist, etc. to make up for my lack of a paycheck when I return to work. So far I’ve sold a few things including our old Kyocera x-tc phones that we bought when we first switched to Virgin Mobile. We upgraded a few months after buying them so they were just sitting around anyhow. That’s a cool $70 cash I had stashed in my computer desk drawer.

Then there’s the two cameras I sold to my cousin. One was a used digital camera that I also had sitting around the house and not being used. The second part of the deal was the Flip UltraHD camera that I won at our company’s Christmas Party raffle. Wait, I didn’t mention that, did I? Oh well. I won it and decided that since I already have a standard-definition Flip Ultra camera and a Sanyo Xacti HD camera, there was no use in having another one. So I listed the thing on Facebook and my cousin said she’d take it. She later mentioned she was in the market for a digital camera so I told her I had one of those, too (along with the battery, charger and memory card). Both of them sold for $180–more cash in my pocket to make up for my time off.

Now if only my GameCube on eBay will sell…

Anyway, more stuff. I’m still in the process of figuring out my business strategy and everything that goes along with it. And so far, I have to say that I’m not making much progress. You see, with the New Year coming and my job potentially going it’s way, I’m also actively seeking a job just in case things don’t work out as planned. But I’m still spending time in the car during lunch, typing all sorts of stuff for the business. And since my laptop arrived (which I’m using right now), I no longer have to use Anthony’s Nickelodeon-slimed Dell netbook. I’m sure he’s happy about that.

Either way, I’ve been spending the past few nights installing whatever it is I need on the laptop as well as uninstalling all of the garbage I don’t want, which seems to be about 80% of what came with it. The laptop–a Dell Inspiron 15R–is a little bigger that I expected but it seems to be handling everything I’m throwing at it so that’s a good thing. It even has a built-in webcam (see thumbnail above).

In addition to the laptop, we bought a 32″ TV and a few other goodies from Dell since I was approved for one of their credit cards. I know I know, not too smart considering the uncertainty of our circumstances.

Or is it? An old high school friend works for Dell and lent me his Employee Discount code for my order. The total cost for our order was a little over $700 with free shipping. It’s good to have connections. We’re not terribly concerned about that as we will pay it off–or at least a good portion of it–when we get our taxes done.

So as you can plainly see, it’s just been a busy, busy time around here but I promise to get some more posts in when I have the time. In addition to all of that, me and Anthony had to test a batch of Ann’s cookies tonight.

We’re pleased to report that they passed 🙂