richard-nixon6I’m sitting at my desk that should have been my home-based workstation, looking at the motivational calendar that would have been a reminder as to when things needed to be done and using the laptop that was supposed to be strictly used for proofreading electronic documents.

It only saw one single proofreading job come its way, which was from someone I knew personally.

Without much of a marketing plan, I sent out a plethora of inquiries to local businesses as a way of getting the word out that as a trial offer, there was someone willing to read through any documentation they had at absolutely no cost to them.

I got not one response.

And with that, it was official – I decided that my idea for a home-based proofreading business had folded, failed, closed up shop, went belly-up, was fucked…whatever you name it, I am it. Now I just have to figure out what the Hell to do with these three boxes of business cards I have left. Trashing them seems like a great idea.

It’s not like I invested my life savings into this thing but it still leaves a bitter taste knowing I did what I could to make it fly and nobody seemed too interested. That, and in speaking with a former co-worker who has been doing this very same thing for well over 20 years, I got the impression that taking on this kind of job was more of a part-time, better-keep-your-day-job proposition.

She told me that there are times when she has absolutely nothing to work on even from her regular clients. Then there was the issue of taxes which she said could be rather hefty and that even regular clients, no matter how big, are sometimes reluctant to compensate her for her services.

So despite my thinking I’d be able to do the job, the reality was that it was going to be more of a pain in the ass than anything. That’s that, and I don’t know why I even considered such a thing. I’m done.

I feel like throwing a pity party but there’s no point in that since the failed proofreading thing is only a portion of what’s been on my plate lately. As I continue to look for a job I’m beginning to realize what an uneducated dolt I really am and that the chances of me making the nearly $50k I used to make at my previous proofreading job are slim to none in today’s environment. It’s been frustrating and extremely disheartening.

There will be no pity parties. Instead, I’d rather just do a Richard Nixon wave, climb aboard Marine One (or my vehicle of choice), pretend everything went well and then disappear into relative obscurity for awhile.