On this day in 2004, we welcomed Anthony into our lives. Seven years later I am pleased to announce that I am the father of an orange belt student in Tae Kwan Do. Happy birthday, kid. We're extremely proud of you!

Violator Turns 21!

I've mentioned this before but I thought I'd add this hilarious link anyway. (My God, did we really dress like that?) It's local news coverage of Depeche Mode's Hollywood in-store that turned into a riot. It really makes me wonder what happened to most if not all of these fans and if they still even … Continue reading Violator Turns 21!

Tae Kwon Don’t Pinch Me

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, lushes and boozehounds alike! Since it is, I’m sure I will be (over)hearing stories from most of the office ladies about where they will be going tonight for Happy Hour to drink their froofy green beers and even froofier apple martinis. No wonder most of them look like beef jerky. And … Continue reading Tae Kwon Don’t Pinch Me

Part-Time Job

Here’s a conversation that Ann and I had not too long ago when I told her I wanted to get a part-time job. Ann: Maybe you should get a job at Lowe’s. You could ride your bike there and I’m pretty sure they don’t work that hard. Me: Lowe’s? Really? I don’t know shit about … Continue reading Part-Time Job

Lunch with Grandpa

Anthony and Grandpa enjoy root beer floats after tae kwan do class. Taken with LG Optimus V for Virgin Mobile with Retro Camera app; posted with WordPress app.