On this day in 2004, we welcomed Anthony into our lives.

Seven years later I am pleased to announce that I am the father of an orange belt student in Tae Kwan Do.

Happy birthday, kid. We’re extremely proud of you!


2 thoughts on “Proud

  1. That rocks.

    I’m getting a kick out of this because my Anthony, also seven years old, just got his orange belt in karate.

    Makes you sort of think twice about messing with the kid now, eh? Fortunately, I’ve still got about 150 pounds on him. I think I can still take him. For now.


    1. My Anthony showed me a few moves that would seriously put the hurt on someone. You definitely wouldn’t expect them from a kid, that’s for sure.

      Congrats on your Anthony getting his belt. Great dads think alike, it seems!


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