Just In Case

Anthony found this hat at the thrift shop today.

2011-04-29 20-05-03.494

The way things are going, I think I should hold onto it for myself.

Well, I can’t really complain. I still have a (not-so-close-to-home) job and the work seems to be increasing by the day.

But still…the hat might come in handy someday 🙂

Wordless Wednesday: Lunch


View from my car.

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Safe for Now/The Scale

So it seems that my idea about my employer giving me the proverbial ax/walking papers may have been a bit premature. While it’s true that they’ve already let one temporary employee go, it wasn’t without justification from what I’ve heard – and saw, now that I think about it.

In any case, I believe I will be fine for a little bit longer and here’s why.

We had an unexpected visit from the temp agency’s manager today. Yes, this is the same person that helped me out with my Direct Deposit debacle and got it all taken care of. She was there doing one-on-one meetings with some of us and when she entered our area I started to worry.

She greeted one of the proofreaders and asked if she could have a few minutes with her. Again, I worried.

About 15 minutes later, they both return and neither of them look glum. Then it was my turn to speak with the manager.

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Virgin Mobile Survey: Upgraded Customer Service?

As you can probably guess, I love my Virgin Mobile Optimus V phone. And despite its problems I can’t tell people enough about it.

I got another survey from Virgin Mobile today and it only centered around thing: upgraded service. The gist of it was that if I would be willing to pay extra for the following (with my answer highlighted):


For me, it’s just not worth paying extra for any of that considering I’ve only called their Customer Service line a few times, both for billing issues which were eventually resolved. About the only thing I would want would be people who actually understand the problem, which seemed to be a big problem on the times I did call.

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RIP Flip

flipYou might say the Devil made them do it.

Or you could call it a sign of the times in our ever-changing, technology-hungry world where consumers are demanding more out of every gadget they buy.

That said, slumping sales could be to blame.

Either way you look at it, Cisco Systems has decided to pull the plug on its Flip Video Camera division and along with it, axed some 500+ employees in the process.

But if you really sit – or stand, your choice – and think about it, it’s pretty amazing that the Flip Video division even lasted this long.

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