I’ve Been Sick

That pretty much explains my absence as of late. But if there's anything that will cure what ails you, it's a great big bowl of homemade albondigas (meatball) soup topped with some Tapatio and lemon juice. Here's my bowl which we made at my cousin Dorthi's house today. Not saying it worked but I feel … Continue reading I’ve Been Sick



I’m sitting at my desk that should have been my home-based workstation, looking at the motivational calendar that would have been a reminder as to when things needed to be done and using the laptop that was supposed to be strictly used for proofreading electronic documents. It only saw one single proofreading job come its … Continue reading Done

Year 42

Yesterday, I began my 42nd year on this often cruel material sphere. And for the most part, it was good. Except for the splitting migraine or sinus headache that started on Sunday when we came home from Disneyland (which makes me wonder if there is a direct correlation). I took what I believed to be … Continue reading Year 42

Virgin Mobile Has a New Smartphone in the Works

UPDATED 6/21/11: If you really want to end the suspense, you can just skip to this entry to see which phone it is. Hey, here we go with another smartphone post! Yikes, I'm getting like Engadget or something. NOT! Virgin Mobile was kind enough to send me a survey the other day in which I … Continue reading Virgin Mobile Has a New Smartphone in the Works

Dodging A Bullet

About a year ago, I went for an interview for the position of proofreader at Corinthian Colleges in Santa Ana, CA. I don’t even remember blogging about it to be honest. During the interview, I recall being told by at least a few people that despite the shitty economy (with “shitty” being my word choice), … Continue reading Dodging A Bullet