I’ve Been Sick


That pretty much explains my absence as of late. But if there’s anything that will cure what ails you, it’s a great big bowl of homemade albondigas (meatball) soup topped with some Tapatio and lemon juice.

Here’s my bowl which we made at my cousin Dorthi’s house today. Not saying it worked but I feel one Hell of a lot better.


richard-nixon6I’m sitting at my desk that should have been my home-based workstation, looking at the motivational calendar that would have been a reminder as to when things needed to be done and using the laptop that was supposed to be strictly used for proofreading electronic documents.

It only saw one single proofreading job come its way, which was from someone I knew personally.

Without much of a marketing plan, I sent out a plethora of inquiries to local businesses as a way of getting the word out that as a trial offer, there was someone willing to read through any documentation they had at absolutely no cost to them.

I got not one response.

And with that, it was official – I decided that my idea for a home-based proofreading business had folded, failed, closed up shop, went belly-up, was fucked…whatever you name it, I am it. Now I just have to figure out what the Hell to do with these three boxes of business cards I have left. Trashing them seems like a great idea.

It’s not like I invested my life savings into this thing but it still leaves a bitter taste knowing I did what I could to make it fly and nobody seemed too interested. That, and in speaking with a former co-worker who has been doing this very same thing for well over 20 years, I got the impression that taking on this kind of job was more of a part-time, better-keep-your-day-job proposition.

She told me that there are times when she has absolutely nothing to work on even from her regular clients. Then there was the issue of taxes which she said could be rather hefty and that even regular clients, no matter how big, are sometimes reluctant to compensate her for her services.

So despite my thinking I’d be able to do the job, the reality was that it was going to be more of a pain in the ass than anything. That’s that, and I don’t know why I even considered such a thing. I’m done.

I feel like throwing a pity party but there’s no point in that since the failed proofreading thing is only a portion of what’s been on my plate lately. As I continue to look for a job I’m beginning to realize what an uneducated dolt I really am and that the chances of me making the nearly $50k I used to make at my previous proofreading job are slim to none in today’s environment. It’s been frustrating and extremely disheartening.

There will be no pity parties. Instead, I’d rather just do a Richard Nixon wave, climb aboard Marine One (or my vehicle of choice), pretend everything went well and then disappear into relative obscurity for awhile.


Year 42

tumorYesterday, I began my 42nd year on this often cruel material sphere. And for the most part, it was good.

Except for the splitting migraine or sinus headache that started on Sunday when we came home from Disneyland (which makes me wonder if there is a direct correlation). I took what I believed to be Excedrin Sinus Relief pills to no avail since, upon closer inspection, I realized they were just ordinary ibuprofen pills that I had poured into the Excedrin bottle. Ugh…

The pain continued through Monday when the ability to think straight got the best of me and I kindly asked if I could leave work after putting in 4 hours. The boss obliged and I was on my way home. You just can’t proofread with a migraine. Well, you probably could but I wouldn’t recommend it.

My head felt like it was going to explode but despite the pain, my day got better when I got home.

I was greeted by Anthony who couldn’t stop hugging me and saying, “Happy Birthday, Daddy!” He was home from school because of Presidents’ Day.

Ann was busy in the kitchen and in addition to dinner, made some goodies for all of us (with Anthony helping sprinkle them):

C360_2011-02-11 19-08-29 IMG_20110214_131740

Mmm, can’t you just taste them? Those pictures, by the way, were taken with my new Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V phone which I am enjoying more than anything at the moment. I’ve also written a few related posts:

    Back to my birthday. Once I got home and ate dinner I pretty much tried to relax as best as Anthony would let me. He loves birthdays and is happy to celebrate one at any time.

I got a bit of a reprieve when some of his friends started playing outside and he went to join them. I finally was able to lay on the couch and shut my eyes, hoping the pain would go away.

It did to some degree but once Anthony was in bed at 8:30 pm, I was a man down as I fell asleep on the couch. I remember waking up at 11:45 pm and then dragging myself into the bedroom for the night.

By this morning, the headache was gone for the most part and I returned to working a regular shift.

I’m usually pretty healthy and haven’t had any sort of illness in literally years. While this was indeed an inconvenience, it wasn’t the worst headache I’ve had. That honor goes to the one I had when I was working for Best Buy and couldn’t even look at any light source. I stayed in a dark room wearing sunglasses for a day, feeling (and no doubt, looking) like a  total douche.

That was awful. But as of now, I’m feeling alright but could still use some sleep.

That is, after I go and have another cupcake…

Virgin Mobile Has a New Smartphone in the Works

UPDATED 6/21/11: If you really want to end the suspense, you can just skip to this entry to see which phone it is.

Hey, here we go with another smartphone post! Yikes, I’m getting like Engadget or something. NOT!

Virgin Mobile was kind enough to send me a survey the other day in which I was asked about possible names and potential specs on what I would only surmise as being their next smartphone. It says so in the first sentence of the first image 🙂

Below are some screengrabs of the survey, the first of which offers some of the names I had to choose from (click to enlarge):


So as not to influence anybody, I will not post the images of the names I liked the best and least.

That said, here are some of the specs of the new phone (click to enlarge):


Now that you have the specs, you can probably go out and do some sleuthing of your own and draw some conclusions. And if you haven’t bought one of their smartphones just yet, it might pay you to wait a little bit since the prices will probably drop on the Optimus V and Intercept once this new model is introduced.

Dodging A Bullet

About a year ago, I went for an interview for the position of proofreader at Corinthian Colleges in Santa Ana, CA. I don’t even remember blogging about it to be honest.

During the interview, I recall being told by at least a few people that despite the shitty economy (with “shitty” being my word choice), the company was actually doing extremely well since more people were going back to school to learn a new trade, hence another proofreader was needed to meet the demands of the marketing material they were producing.

I was told I met their needs exactly and my experience in proofreading several languages was an added benefit. After months of being out of work, it seemed things were starting to look up.

I went back for a second interview and through the whole process, felt pretty confident about how it all went.

Then, of course, The Waiting Game began and as time went by I started to think that even if I didn’t get the job, it would be just as well since it was a pretty long drive. (Note: I now work about 3 miles away from the Corinthian Colleges building.)

I sent a few e-mails inquiring about the position and never heard back so I figured that it was a bust. Then about a month after the interview on February 3, 2010, I get the following e-mail:

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

I wanted to thank you for the time you spent interviewing for the Proofreader position. Although your background and experience were extremely impressive, another candidate was selected for the position.

I will definitely keep your resume on file for future openings and wish you the best of luck in your job search.

Well, that confirmed it. I was yet another statistic, another victim of a weak economy.

So what am I getting at? This, which appeared online almost a year to the day that I was denied the position.


(Screengrab to avoid the eventual dead link. Courtesy The Orange County Register)

So much for a weak economy being a boon for these guys, eh? But hey, my resume is still on file Smile