Bin Laden’s Dead

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So this is it.

The mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks was not only found but apparently, after a firefight with American troops, his body now whistles when the wind blows.

Yes, good news indeed but I’ve got a few thoughts to throw out for everybody.

First, this guy has an endless following of maniacs just like him. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to believe that the terror is not over just yet.

Second, I think I need to see proof of his death. I’m not quite entirely convinced.

Third, why do I think that there will be a tape of Bin Laden released tomorrow, mocking the U.S. by saying he’s not dead? After years of dodging attacks it’s almost an knee-jerk reaction to think this way.

And finally, President Obama had a line in his speech tonight in which he announced Bin Laden’s death. It went a little something like this:

“America can do whatever we set our minds to.”

You hear that, America? Recession’s over! Gas prices are dropping! Jobs are in abundance! We’ve all got affordable health care! We’re all gonna get laid!

Well…if it were only that easy.

But at least I’m trying, right?


2 thoughts on “Bin Laden’s Dead

  1. Yes on the proof. I got guff at work today because I said that all I want is one Elian Gonzalez with armed guy or Saddam being pulled out of the hole “smoking gun photo” that proves it. I’m not looking for a dead body. It could be uniformed soldiers in the room with an alive bin Laden. But after seeing what 3+ years of not putting out a long-form birth certificate can do, you’d think they’d release evidence quickly.

    Another thing I’m struggling with is being happy the US took the high road and gave him a funeral and speedy burial. It was the right thing to do but after 3000+ horrible deaths in NY, DC & PA and two years of hostages being decapitated on videotape (and having heads tossed along roads!) I’m having a hard time feeling that he deserved any kind of last rites.


    1. This situation raises more questions than it answers, including the fact that he was “hiding” in one of the largest, if not the largest, residences in Pakistan — located within close proximity to their military training base. Hello? Nobody saw anything?

      But I am with you on the proof so I’m not exactly ready to go out in the street singing Lee Greenwood songs. And who knew DNA testing could be done so quickly? “Did I say ‘weeks’ because I meant ‘seconds’!” Someone scored a carton of smokes on that one.

      The burial was not what I’d consider a requirement when this coward took pride in sending out his followers to do the dirty work while he recorded more video messages from a cave. The reports are that he also hid behind two women as a shield. Coward ’til the end it seems.

      I’m not a conspiracy person but man, you always have to question these things and especially their timing. Who knows if we will ever get finality with this.


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