30 Day Song Challenge Begins July 1st

As you can tell by my lack of personal posts, life’s been rather uneventful as of late. And since my loyal readers are probably tired of me blathering about Virgin Mobile phones and surveys (even though I do get amazing traffic because of these posts), I’ve gone ahead and decided to try something a little … Continue reading 30 Day Song Challenge Begins July 1st


App Review: Bike Repair

I know two things about my bike: it has wheels and I like to ride it. In fact, it’s become a weekend tradition of mine to saddle up and hit the local trails down to the beach or ride circuitously around the park just so I can log at least 20 miles. No, it’s not … Continue reading App Review: Bike Repair

Virgin Mobile’s Latest Android Phone: Motorola Triumph (Update: MSRP)

Just I had reported way back in February and as was obvious by the survey I had taken, Virgin Mobile definitely had a new smartphone in the works. And as Engadget had reported on June 9, 2011, it will be the Motorola TRIUMPH, which was one of the names I had to choose from the list … Continue reading Virgin Mobile’s Latest Android Phone: Motorola Triumph (Update: MSRP)

More Random Thoughts

The mind of a writer never rests and as Ben Hecht said, “Every writer is a frustrated actor who practices his lines in the hidden auditorium of his skull.” Truer words were never spoken and here’s a perfect example of that. Below is a list of random thoughts much like the ones I posted here … Continue reading More Random Thoughts

The Mobile Page

See that new Mobile page tab at the top? I've added that as a kind of Welcome page for whomever happens to scan the QR code you see on this post. What I did was make said QR code my profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, etc. so whenever I post a comment somewhere and someone clicks … Continue reading The Mobile Page