Happy Bank Transfer Day

Long before Bank of America – or BofA (Bunch of Assholes) – decided to start charging a $5 monthly debit card fee, representatives from my employer’s credit union were on site in the hopes of soliciting new clients.

They had been there in the past and for whatever reason I never opted to open an account. But this time there was a bit of an incentive: existing members who referred new members would get a $30 bonus added to their accounts as would the new members.

A co-worker was more than eager to get that money and so was I, so I signed up and used her as my referral and about a week later we both had $30 in our accounts.


Prior to this (and before all these malcontents started sleeping in tents outside city halls and such), I had mentioned to Ann that with the way the banks were going, I wanted our money out of Huge Corporate Bank immediately. We’d been screwed by Wells Fargo and then Chase who merged with Washington Mutual and made a huge clusterfuck out of it. I was never more unhappy with a bank in my life.

Then there’s BofA whom we couldn’t balance with no matter how hard we tried and curiously, with whom all of our transactions matched. There was obviously something wrong with someone’s math since we are really picky with our accounts. But I guess nobody will ever miss a few pennies here and there, right? Multiplied by, I dunno, thousands? It’s money in the bank and never my account.

Shortly after opening my credit union account, I canceled my Direct Deposit with BofA and started to deposit the money I was making from delivering pizzas. It started to add up and was looking good. And once my Direct Deposit cancellation went into effect I began putting my checks into the credit union, assuring that BofA would never get any more of my money. (An aside: the credit union offers check deposits via smartphone which, I had to admit, rocks like nothing else. I deposit them from my desk every payday.)

Now the only thing left to do is for Ann to cancel her Direct Deposit so that we can finally get rid of BofA once and for all. Until then, there’s only a few bucks left in the account while the credit union balance continues to grow with all of the overtime I’m working. Not only that, we’ve been getting interest with our accounts. It may not be much but it’s more than BofA ever gave us.

So as far as I’m concerned I’m done them, which prompted me to do the following:


Happy Bank Transfer Day, BofA.


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