I’m posting this from my phone because honestly, I’m just too lazy to be sitting at the computer right now. But this post is to let y’alls know that I’ll be absent from here for at least a week.

See, we have a buttload of projects at work this week that all needs to be done by Tuesday. That’s not a lot of time to do all of this so today I, along with some of the veteran proofreaders, were training people from other departments to help us out.

This means some serious overtime the rest of the week including working short shifts on Saturday and Sunday. Not only that but on Thursday and Friday, I will be delivering pizzas for my buddy’s restaurant. I wasn’t planning on doing it this week but unfortunately, his mother passed away over the weekend so he will need every available person to help him out as he takes care of his personal matters. Yes, it will be a long week but it’s money in the bank and with our office being closed the week of Christmas, all the OT is adding up and has made up for that week off. It will also come in handy during the vacation should we want to go play in the local mountain snow.

So at any rate, I’ll be working my rear end off between the two jobs and spending my evenings lounging around the house in lingerie taking it easy so there won’t be much time for anything else.

Wait, you saw that? Oh…well, uh, anyway…just seeing if you were paying attention. I’m just taking advantage of a job situation that’s not exactly the norm in today’s economy. Can’t really blame me, can you?

I’ll be back whenever things get back to normal. Not sure when that will be but I promise I will.

Thanks again 🙂