Saying Goodbye to 2011’s Most Annoying Things

I’ve made my list, checked it twice, and am fairly certain it’s complete. Said list is composed of hot topics in 2011 that gained much, much more attention that I honestly felt they deserved – so much attention that they need to be forgotten and never spoken of ever again. I now present them to … Continue reading Saying Goodbye to 2011’s Most Annoying Things


As a contract worker I am responsible for keeping track of my how hours via my staffing agency’s website. This also means that an honor system is followed as I “sign” and agree that the hours I input were indeed the hours I worked for the week. Our timecards must be turned in no later … Continue reading Fantastic

If I Knew It Was This Easy…

The list of Anthony’s Christmas gifts was pretty extensive this year: An Android tablet Nintendo DSi XL Mario Kart bundle Telescope A pair of spy glasses that captures video and still images Remote control car Lots of clothes (which he was thrilled beyond belief to receive) Angry Birds stuff that ranged from school supplies to … Continue reading If I Knew It Was This Easy…

Commenting Limitations

Just for the sake of not drudging up a bunch of old crap from years ago, I've gone ahead and put a comment limitation of 60 days per post. This means that if the post is older than 60 days, commenting will no longer be allowed on it. This keeps things pretty topical since I … Continue reading Commenting Limitations


As any of you who read my blog regularly might have noticed, I love my Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V. It’s my first smartphone and has really made things convenient: spur-of-the-moment photos and videos, checking account balances, email, games, music and yes, even the occasional phone call I place. This joy, however, was shattered a … Continue reading Disconnected