Black Friday Deal: Virgin Mobile’s HTC Wildfire for $99.99 at Radio Shack

Hey, I hope you all are relaxing after your Thanksgiving meals. I know I am and we ate at 12pm. Gives you an idea of how much I enjoyed myself.

Onto the meat of the post. I just realized that Radio Shack will be offering Virgin Mobile’s HTC Wildfire S for $99.99, which is 50% off its regular price of $199.99.


Now I know I may have mentioned in a previous post that I wasn’t in a really big hurry to consider this phone but honestly, at 50% off of its MSRP, I may be outside Radio Shack tomorrow morning to pick one up. I already ordered one online for Ann who occasionally has issues with her Optimus V freezing up. I’ve tried cleaning stuff out of it and it still does it now and then. This will be her Christmas gift from me.

Myself, I’m just thinking of it as an affordable upgrade which is what makes prepaid programs much more enticing. For a single Benjamin, I can upgrade my phone in less than a year’s time as opposed to being on a contract when I would have to wait until it was up (usually 2 years) before I can consider doing the same thing. Not only that, I’d be paying taxes on the full price of the phone even if I got it under contract for $50. And that ain’t cool* (READ UPDATE BELOW). By that logic, the purchase seems more than justified.

If you want to avoid the crowds (not that there would be any at Radio Shack but I could be wrong), you can order it online now or be like me if you can’t wait for the phone to arrive on your porch and hit your local bricks-and-mortar location at 5:30am.

It’s a good thing my local store is only a few miles away because I’m so crawling back into bed when I get home. And if you do get this one or the Optimus V at Target, don’t forget to use Ann’s Kickbacks code when activating: UJWQD9VW. Heck, or mine: dJWQc09H.

Enjoy the shopping season! With the exception of this, I’m done 🙂

*UPDATE 11/25/11: I bought one online Thursday and paid taxes (8.75% in CA) on the sale price (around $108). This morning, I went to my local store and ended up paying taxes on the full price (around $117). What gives?

  • $99.99 @ 8.75% CA tax = $8.74 (online price of $108.74)
  • $199.99 @ 8.75% CA tax = $17.49 (in-store price of $117.49)

Tweeted @RadioShack. Waiting for reply and will post reply/resolution.


4 thoughts on “Black Friday Deal: Virgin Mobile’s HTC Wildfire for $99.99 at Radio Shack

    1. Thanks and yes, I’m pretty sure it’ll be barren out there!

      I plan on giving my Optimus V to my son who will use it more for games but we will add some Top-Up time to it for when he needs to call us, which has happened a few times at school.


  1. Yep, I’m going to upgrade my VM phone tomorrow, too — to a Kyocera Loft, lol. Kmart has it for $19.99! I decided that for now, at least, I’m a tablet gal, not a Smart Phone person. I just don’t need or want both. All I want my phone to do is call, text, and be able to access the internet in an emergency. I don’t want to read or watch things on a tiny screen. My tablet goes with me everywhere now, though, and I love it!


    1. Sounds like a great plan if that’s all you need it for! I’ve become a bit spoiled by everything I can do with my smartphone with the tweeting and the Facebooking and all that, so while I don’t need a new phone and don’t own a tablet, this is definitely a great price to upgrade. Good luck to you tomorrow 🙂


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