Random iPod Screengrabs

We’re hunkering down here in SoCal as we’re expecting some really strong winds to kick up shortly and tear the entire area to hell. But that’s okay because I’ve got on my monkey-print Snuggie.

What, don’t believe me? Here’s actual proof that I do in fact own one (since Ann bought it for me for Christmas):


I know I may have said a few nasty things about them in the past but ya know, I tried it and I like it. So sue me already.

Anyway, back to the post. I was scanning through my Photo Album on my iPod the other night and it occurred to me that despite my iPod not having a camera, I had quite a few images stored on it. And I figured that since I hadn’t posted in a bit, sharing said images might make for an interesting post so you can once again see what it’s like to live inside this strange cranium of mine.

The reasons for the screencaps vary but the one dominating topic seems to be, as you would expect, spelling and grammar.

I download tons of apps for free using AppShopper which gives me time to try them out. If I don’t like them, I just delete them and everything’s cool. That’s a good thing because if I had paid for some of these apps and then saw the grammatical errors in them, I would have asked for a refund pronto. That seems like a great place to start, no? So here we go with the first one.


Based on the horrible English in its description, I didn’t even bother to download this app. Kind of reminds me of the “I make pee-pee in your Coke” limerick.


See, this is why I’m not allowed in pet stores anymore: I’m always taping the glass of the aquariums.


Who is Sava Successful, and why are they thanking my supports?


I like to brag, so I always sumit my high score on Facebook.


“…you’re spacehips controls brake down…”? So these people can develop apps yet couldn’t pass a 4th grade English exam?


Hmmm, okey then…


Thinking I could use a little happiness in my life, I downloaded 30 Steps to Happiness. I was doing okay reading the daily tips until I got to this one. While the misspelling of beginning is obvious, people need to be better versed in the difference between everyday and every day:

  • Everyday: commonplace or standard, as in “That’s our everyday low price.”
  • Every day: occurring daily, as in “I pass that idiot cyclist who never stops at the red light every day on my way to work.”

This error ended my quest for happiness.

But alas, the spelling errors aren’t limited to apps.


I was never a fan of Shakria.


If your Facebook page is a tongue-in-cheek look at the English language, you best make damn sure that your posts are spelled right.

IMG_0281 copy

This was a rant posted by a grocery worker on KTLA’s Facebook page at a time when we thought that their union was going to call a strike. While it was common for readers to sling insults about the intelligence of grocery workers (at a time when jobs are not easy to find and California being second to Nevada in unemployment), this courageous worker decided to step up and not only defend what their union was supposedly fighting for, but also demand that the media “quite making us out to be Stupid people.” It was pretty outrages, if you think about it.

With the grammar out of the way, let’s move on to the rest.


I’ve been to Winnemucca, Elko, and Battle Mountain, NV. I know they exist despite their strange names. But I’ve lived in CA all my life and had no freaking idea there was a city named Alyeupkigna. That’s why I screencapped this one so I could Google it later.


Wi-fi log-in screen, Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank, CA. This was when I worked on ABC’s The Whole Truth.


Wi-fi log-in screen, The Walt Disney Studios, Burbank, CA. This was when I worked on ABC’s No Ordinary Family.


“Hi, I’m Woody! Howdy howdy howdy!”


I just thought this was a strange choice to include in a word puzzle game. “No artistic value”? I beg to differ. They obviously never heard of Edward Penishands.


Leo Laporte’s yoga ball pops live on the air. See it here (starts at about 0:38).



A few from Foo Fighters’ “White Limo” video. Yeah, that’s Lemmy from Motörhead and Dave Grohl wearing a COPS sweatshirt.


Perfect for posting in a forum or something: “There is no hope for humankind.” You can also have it run through your head whenever you see a Kardashian on TV.


Yeah, getting touched by a priest is never a good thing.


Using the Alarmed app, this is the message my iPod displays once the alarm goes off. Message aside, I use this app daily and ditched my alarm clock.


Oh, and here’s the most recent screengrab which I did just for this post. In looking at this woman you’d probably think yeah, she’s definitely attractive. White teeth, nice smile…in short, a pretty woman.

Pretty on the outside at least.

What led me to this picture was a rather disturbing story about this woman, a story that included her mugshot:


It turns out that Kimberly Lindsey is – okay, wasa highly regarded scientist with the Centers for Disease Control but was under investigation for allegations of child abuse, which is bad enough.

But what makes this story worse? Sufficient evidence was uncovered during the investigation that she also allegedly partook in acts of bestiality with her pets.

While that could be another blog post in itself, I think I’ll just end it here before I get all crazy and stuff. I mean, this woman was a freaking scientist and a respected one at that. Turns out she’s as pervy and twisted and sick and evil as anything.

The mind boggles.

Anyway, I didn’t want to end this post on a low note but it seems I did. So aside from those last images, I hope you enjoyed all of the other ones along with the commentary I posted.


Hey, did I mention I’m wearing a Snuggie?



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