Let me start this post by stating that along with glamping, I despise the word staycation. I understand what it means but it just sounds ridiculously stupid. Anyway, with money being a bit tight the last few weekends, taking mini staycations (*shudder*) is exactly what we’ve been doing lately. Living in southern California pretty much … Continue reading Staycation


Virgin Mobile Is Going to Throttle You

If you are a data-heavy user who signed up for Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk with unlimited data, web and e-mail in the hopes of paying $25 (or $35, depending on when you joined) and never having anything to worry about, your dreams are about to be shattered – in some ways. March 23rd, 2012 is … Continue reading Virgin Mobile Is Going to Throttle You

My Blogs Will Be Dark for 24 Hours Starting Tomorrow

  On January 18, 2012 from 6 am to 6 pm 6 am the following day, I will be joining sites such as Wikipedia, Google, Reddit and others in showing my opposition to SOPA. During those 12 24 hours, all of my blogs (listed below) will be set to “private” in order to bring awareness to what SOPA really and … Continue reading My Blogs Will Be Dark for 24 Hours Starting Tomorrow

Gone Daddy Gone

First, I’d like to say that you’ve got me for yet another year of blogging as I have renewed the domain name. And unless I decide to hang them up, simply walk away or am killed in some kind of bizarre gardening accident, I’ll still be here. Everything will remain the same save for … Continue reading Gone Daddy Gone

More Handy Android Apps

As you’ve probably already read in a few of my posts, my LG Optimus V has a tendency to have its memory eaten up in to time flat. As a result, I was often left to go into the Applications menu and clear out caches, uninstall updates, etc. I did all of that until App2SD … Continue reading More Handy Android Apps