Facebook Break

As I occasionally do, I am taking yet another break from the unprivate world of Facebook for personal reasons. It’s not that I’ve got some kind of incurable disease that has rendered my body useless. Hell, I rode over 12 miles on Sunday and played some over-the-line on Saturday so I’d say I’m in decent condition for a guy who will be 43 in about a week.

No, I need to take a break for several reasons with time consumption being the most prevalent. I mean really, I spend way to much damned time at that place either posting goofy stories or pretending to be the funny guy that everyone loves.

It’s just not true and I don’t wish to seek that kind of validation for a while, which means that I will be back – I’m not closing my account. I take care of a friend’s restaurant page and need to still be in the loop.

Yes, I did try this in the past and I don’t think it lasted very long. In fact, my goal was to write blog posts based on what I was going to post as my status but that never happened. This time, however, I will try a little harder.

Additionally, my uncle sent me a personal message about his third book now being in his publisher’s hands. When I mentioned that I needed to follow his lead, his words were to “follow no one; follow what you are led to.”

It was pretty heavy. There have only been a few times in my life when someone’s words really kicked me in the ass and forced me to do better for myself. This was definitely one of them. The other time was when I was working a (yet another) crappy job and learned that I might possibly be moved to the overnight shift. I was not happy about this as I was attending college at the time and the change in shift would have made it difficult if not impossible to attend.

I spoke with one of my art professors about the possibility of quitting the job. His words:

“If you don’t do it now, you never will.”

I walked into my job the next day and quit on the spot and without notice, much to everyone’s shock. My art professor was proud and I was able to continue attending night classes – and found a job without much difficulty.

This all comes back to how my time is spent, and how much less of it I need to spend there. While it’s great keeping up with everybody, there’s only so many times I can view reposts of George Takei’s photos (as many of my friends are also subscribed to Mr. Sulu). It’s funny, it’s cute, it’s more than I need to deal with at this point.

So with that, my Facebook days have been cut to a minimum for an indefinite period of time.

I’m currently nestled deep in the corner of the den listening to various white noise apps drown out whatever noise is in the background. The fan is on and I’m wearing my robe (I know, it’s weird but it’s part of my comfort zone).

It’s time to work on what I’m being led to. And I’m looking forward to it.