A Timeline

September 2003: We see Anthony for the first time. March 30, 2004: Anthony born. (By the way, I'm no longer that big.) March 2005: 1 year old, first birthday party. 2006: 2 years old, Easter Egg hunt. 2007: 3 years old, Disneyland. 2008: 4 years old, Las Vegas, NV. 2009: 5 years old, MTA train, … Continue reading A Timeline


Sunday’s Activities

In addition to randomly coming across an Indy car in a parking lot on Sunday, here are a few other things we did along with even more pictures. We love thrift shops and in particular, a chain called Savers. There used to be a few of them locally but unfortunately, they both closed so now … Continue reading Sunday’s Activities


Anthony in front of an Indy car owned my Michael Andretti, as seen at a local Ralphs parking lot. It's a brief reminder that the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach is right around the corner!

No Show

While cleaning the other day, I came across these: Two unused tickets to Pet Shop Boys’ Hollywood Bowl concert. I love Pet Shop Boys. Still do to this day as they only seem to get better and their shows are just plain fun. So why would I have skipped going to see them in concert … Continue reading No Show

Hey, Did You Ever Notice…

Okay, so that last one is a bit of a stretch. What do you care? It’s free entertainment!