Takin’ Care of Business

…and working overtime. That pretty much describes my life as of late and therefore, lack of posts.

We’re fortunate enough to have been offered overtime at work for the last few weeks so naturally, as anyone would, I’m taking it for as long as they offer–even on Saturdays. That makes for a long week without much time for anything else including working out, but on the plus side I’ve been getting much more sleep and have even dropped a few pounds. (Along with proper nutrition, adequate sleep is essential for weight loss.)

This week is no different and I’m looking to log at least another 50 hours at the office. It’s not much overtime but throw in my round-trip commute of 40 miles and it becomes a long day real quick.

It’s been good to get that extra sleep as well as the extra money, which will come in handy when we head to Las Vegas for 3 days in July. We’re thinking about taking Anthony to see Blue Man Group which we’re he’ll enjoy.

It’s also been nice to relax in the evening and see the Dodgers continue their winning ways. As a matter of fact, I heading back to the game right now. It won’t take much effort: I’m already lying on the couch and posting this from my iPod.

Told you I was catching up on my rest 🙂