ZOMG! ZOMBIES!!!!11!1!

Man, have you been keeping up with all of these stories? There are three in particular that have turned the world upside-down. Forget the Zombie Apocalypse. Those motherfuggers are HERE and NOW. First, there’s the story that most of you have heard of where some crazy dude ate a homeless man’s face. And I mean … Continue reading ZOMG! ZOMBIES!!!!11!1!

Wordless Wednesday: Memorial Day

Taken with an LG Optimus V; enhanced with PicSay Pro.

Roughing It — Kind Of

Here's Anthony sitting in the tent in the backyard where I promised him we'd camp over the holiday weekend. We're doing Night 2 as I post this. Perfect night for it, too. Device: LG Optimus V Apps: PicSay Pro for color manipulation; lightning provided by Nintendo DSi XL screens

Boogie Robot

I found this in the backyard and figured it belonged to the neighbors since my son said it wasn't his. I put it on the wall and saw the sun shining through its head. It looked cool so I shot it and manipulated the color of the sky to offset the blue of his body. … Continue reading Boogie Robot

The Old Ballgame

Me and Anthony had a great time at the Dodger game today. At 50, the place is beautiful for being the 3rd oldest stadium in baseball (behind Wrigley and Fenway). It was also great bonding for us and we had foul balls hit behind and in front of us in a matter of 5 pitches. … Continue reading The Old Ballgame