Virgin Mobile to Raise $25 Plan to $35–Again (UPDATE)

If you are like me and are subscribed to Virgin Mobile’s SMS alerts, then you probably got this message the other day: Starting 5/27/12, new smartphones will be subject to current plan rates. This will apply if you switch phones. There was also a link to this site. In short, here’s what they are going … Continue reading Virgin Mobile to Raise $25 Plan to $35–Again (UPDATE)


Staycation: Griffith Observatory

Just another local attraction we enjoy visiting. The Griffith Observatory was used in the movies The Rocketeer and Rebel Without A Cause just to name a few. And it's an absolutely beautiful day up here 🙂

Takin’ Care of Business

...and working overtime. That pretty much describes my life as of late and therefore, lack of posts. We're fortunate enough to have been offered overtime at work for the last few weeks so naturally, as anyone would, I'm taking it for as long as they offer--even on Saturdays. That makes for a long week without … Continue reading Takin’ Care of Business

Bilbo Was Right

It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you might be swept off to. - Bilbo Baggins I had been debating whether or not to go for a run tonight and when you reach that point—the point of doubt—you … Continue reading Bilbo Was Right


The car you see above was purchased in February of this year and despite it being a used car, up until about a week ago it was trouble-free. What you see there is a Callaway golf ball which at this point probably has absolutely no connection to my suspected car troubles. Or so you would … Continue reading FORE!