Super Moon

I failed to mention that a bunch of neighbors got together and watched the super moon on Saturday night. Here are a few images I was able to capture (click to enlarge).

This was taken with my trusty Kodak DX6490 – all 4 megapixels of it:


This was with my Olympus EVOLT E-500 with maximum zoom:


It’s also the moon you see in the image below which was Photoshopped. I wasn’t happy with how the moon looked in the viewfinder so I used the image above and placed it over the original moon image. Here is the result, taken with my LG Optimus V phone:


It was nice to get together with the neighbors and just shoot the breeze, make S’mores for the kids (and adults alike), and catch a glimpse of meteors shooting by. They were a bit tough to see but if you let your eyes adjust to the dark sky and remain in relative darkness, you’ll see small dots shooting through the sky. We saw quite a few and they were amazing and even if the moon wasn’t as large as we’d hoped for, it was most definitely bright.


Stargazing. Who knew it would be this much fun?